Tourism Revenue Outpacing Arrivals, year end 3billion projected

Tourism Revenue Outpacing Arrivals, year end 3billion projected

Jamaica Minister of Tourism, Hon Edmund Bartlett has highlighted that revenue from both stopover and cruise arrivals is outpacing total arrival figures.

Speaking at the Ministry of Tourism’day mid-term review and strategic planning retreat s recent two, Minister Bartlett said, “Preliminary data from the Jamaica Tourist Board implies that forex earnings are outpacing arrival figures by 10 %,

year we saw an unprecedented 4

Last.3million visitors which translated to USD3billion in forex earnings and the projection is that by the finish of the year, Jamaica shall see earnings of USD3.3Billion.”

day mid-term review and strategic planning retreat

Minister Bartlett lead both, held at the Terra Nova Hotel, where heads of agencies, divisions and senior manages within the ministry discussed the progress they will have manufactured in meeting key performance indicators set before their last meeting. All agencies were included by the meeting of the Ministry of Tourism – the Jamaica Tourist Board, Tourism Enhancement Fund, Tourism Product Development Company, Devon House Development Company, Jamaica Vacations Ltd, Bath Fountain Spa and Hotel and Milk River Hotel and Spa.

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“Out of this two day self-analysis we could actually drill right down to critical programme areas and review our progress up to now using data. Of note is that it’s been highlighted that going back five years, our arrivals have become by 35% and revenue by over 40% meaning that we on a confident upward trajectory in both areas,” said Minister Bartlett.

In 2016, Minister Bartlett established 5x5x5 growth targets for the Ministry and its own agencies, which seeks to cultivate the tourism contribution to the economy by giving 5 million visitors over a 5 year period; earn US $5 billion; employ 125,000 in the market directly; increase room stock by 15,000; and grow at 5% yearly.

Minister Bartlett added that “Through the strategic and deliberate approach of my agencies and Ministry, we are since the KPIs established may need to be revised once we are well on target to achieving and also surpassing these benchmarks. The team did a significant job and through their effort the sector is experiencing a boom we likely to continue.”