Tourism up as Palo Duro Canyon lands cover of State Travel Guide

Tourism up as Palo Duro Canyon lands cover of State Travel Guide


More people from all over the world are giving Amarillo and surrounding areas a visit this summer, according to the Texas Travel Information Center.

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That rise could be attributed to the Panhandle as the cover star for the State Travel Guide.

It’s Palo Duro Canyon’s first cover and the first for the Panhandle since 1953.

The center says some of the over one million people who view the guide are hitting our roads to travel into Palo Duro Canyon.

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“Traditionally, any city or attraction that is on the cover of our Texas Travel Guide, they’ll see an increase that year in travelers,” said Daphne Adkins, Supervisor for the Texas Travel Information Center. “Luckily, this year is our year.”

The Texas Travel Information Center has seen 10,000 people go through it’s doors during the last 15 days.

That’s 3,000 more people then they saw during the same amount of time this year.

“A lot of them have come in and said, ‘I already know about the Canyon. I just need to know how to get there,” said Adkins. “Our job is to just keep them here a few days longer since they’re already here. We’ve already got half the battle won.”

The center said it’s common to see over 600 travelers a day from all over the United States and places like New Zealand, Australia and China.

“If they’ve traveled this far to go see a canyon, they’re going to spend the night,” said Adkins. “With that means other attractions, hotel tax dollars increase, we have people that are eating in our restaurants.”

Caprock Canyon State Park is a cover star as well.

A photo of a buffalo in the park is first thing you see on the official travel map.

“They have just wonderful tours that you can go to,” said Adkins. “They have bats, a lot of people don’t realize they have bats down in Caprock Canyon. It’s just so close by, that while they’re here we can encourage them to go a little bit further south and see that canyon.”

The travel center encourages locals to come be tourists so they can see what fun the area has to offer that they may not be aware of.

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