Tourism up in-may but business travel down

Tourism up in-may but business travel down

The amount of tourists visiting Malta went up by way of a staggering 30 % in-may – however the amount of business visitors transpired by over 20 %, on Monday in accordance with figures released by the National Statistics Office.

The net increase weighed against May 2017 was 18.7 %. 

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The figures showed that the over 65s category saw the best increase (48.4 %) while there is relatively speaking no change in 25-44 age category (6.9 %).

Another positive aspect was that those that visited the hawaiian islands stayed longer: there is a 21.9 % upsurge in those staying 4-6 nights, and a 27.a week or more 4 per cent increase in those staying, while there is no noticeable change in those that came for 1-3 nights. 

Tourists spent €197 million in-may, up 16. year 6 % on the previous.

of the entire year saw 904

The NSO said that the initial five months,799 visitors, a rise of 18.5 % on the same amount of 2017.

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