Tourist racks up Dh170,000 speeding fines

Tourist racks up Dh170,000 speeding fines

Dubai: A supercar rental business in Dubai may find yourself paying super fines, because of a reckless tourist.

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On,} a 26-year-old British tourist rented a yellow Dh1.3 million Lamborghini Huracan from the motor car rental shop.

He then proceeded to operate a vehicle on Shaikh Zayed Road at speeds as high as 231km/h, accumulating Dh170,000 (about $46,000, or GBP35,553) in speeding fines in an interval of slightly below four hours.

Between 2.31am and 6.july 31 26am on, the tourist tripped 33 speed radars on the highway, incurring 33 fines as a complete result.

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The,} owner of the rental car business, claimed he received three SMS notifications of speeding fines inside a full minute.

As the vehicle-owner, the automobile rental business is likely to cover about Dh175 now,000 in accumulated fines — plus additional fees to recuperate the supercar which will be impounded.

Ebrahim told Gulf News on Monday that the tourist rented the supercar for Dh6,day for three days 000 per.

&ldquo ends;}Most of the speed radars on Shaikh Zayed road caught him as he drove between 158km/h to 231km/h in a few areas without stopping,” Ebrahim said.

No deposit

He said that the automobile continues to be parked in a hotel in Dubai and he is afraid of incurring a significant loss as he didn’t have a deposit from the tourist.

“I don’t know if he [the tourist] can pay the fines as there is absolutely no clear procedure to crack down on customers who commit such offences,” Ebrahim said.

A Dubai Police officials told Gulf News that radars capture the licence plate amounts of speeding vehicles, not the social people driving them.

He added that Dubai Police cannot interfere in such instances and advised the automobile rental owner to visit court seeking compensation.

“I visited the authorities station to file a complaint plus they explained that I could only complain if the tourist didn’t pay the rental fee. There is absolutely no clear process of car rental companies to safeguard their rights such incidents,” Ebrahim said.

He is currently afraid that the tourist will leave the united states and leave him in the lurch.

Ebrahim also offers to displace the brakes of the Lamborghini because they were subjected to high speeds in that short duration.

Meanwhile ends,} legal consultant Hassan Elhais from Al Rowad Advocates suggested that the automobile rental owner can file an incident to get a travel ban imposed on the tourist.

“The dog owner can file a civil lawsuit contrary to the man who rented the motor car. A ruling is issued in his favour once, he is able to request that the ruling be implemented by the national country of the tourist,” Elhais said.

Speed and rental supercars

The last high-profile incident involving a rented supercar in Dubai happened in March 2016 when four people — two Canadian men and two American women — in a Ferrari were killed in a horrific high-speed crash on Al Sarayah Street in Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

One of the American women was sliced in two by way of a utility pole after she was catapulted from the automobile. The crash was related to a lethal mix of speed and alcohol.

The two-seater sports vehicle was reportedly travelling at around four times the 40km/h speed limit around 12.40am.

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