Towards $3trn: Halal tourism by the numbers

Towards $3trn: Halal tourism by the numbers

Cape Town and the Western Cape desire to specialise in attracting a tourist market likely to have buying power worth $3trn by the entire year 2021. The town and the province held the inaugural “Africa Halal Week” in Cape Town on Monday.

The one-week summit, held together with the Western Cape Investment and Trade Promotion Agency (Wesgro) sought to build up ideas on what Cape Town and the Western Cape could become specialists in providing Muslim-friendly tourism solutions.

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The region really wants to use its experience because the first invest Africa to certify halal products to hone in on servicing Muslim tourists with services and products including halal food, Muslim-friendly entertainment, clothing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Here are some quick figures to reflect what size the Muslim tourist market is poised to become, and just why Cape Town really wants to get into the overall game of time ahead.


The estimated global Muslim population stands at 1 currently.6bn. Around 60% of the global Muslim population is beneath the age of 30. This past year the Pew Research Centre famously released a written report which said Islam would overtake Christianity because the largest faith on the planet by 2070.


In 2017 the direct contribution of travel and tourism to SA’s GDP stood at about R136.1bn (2.9% of GDP), in line with the global world Travel and Tourism Council. 


The total spend globally on halal-relevant imports currently stands at $250bn.


The Islamic economy’s overall size is continuing to grow from $1.9trn in 2015 and is likely to grow to $3trn in 2021.

Halal has seen more discerning spending by Muslim consumers, not merely on food, but on products including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


The Western Cape Province makes up about 0 currently.3% of the global halal market. This pertains to money that tourists and consumers devote to various products which are consisted making use of their prescribed religious requirements.


Wesgro CEO Tim Harris said Muslim millennial tourists presented a $100bn opportunity on the next 15 years the province, that could be higher if Cape Town’s reputation being an investment tourism destination were considered.


year 2017 posted healthy tourism figures from the center East to South Africa

The. Cape Town was a net beneficiary, as 81 834 passengers travelled from the UAE to Cape Town. Turkey had 9 620 passengers going to Cape Doha and Town had 8  year 542 passengers going to Cape Town in exactly the same.

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