Travel and leisure opens our hearts and our own minds: UNWTO Secretary-General at ITB Berlin

Travel and leisure opens our hearts and our own minds: UNWTO Secretary-General at ITB Berlin


Tourism can change our world and build better knowing in a world living a debt of tolerance said UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai, at the opening wedding ceremony of the 2017 edition of ITB Berlin (Berlin, Germany, 7 Mar 2016).
“ We reside the worst of times and the most of times. Times when we wake up alternate day with the threat of terrorism from our doorstep and the glooming amounts of unemployment. Times of isolationism plus ill-conceived actions like travel bans, which do not lead to increased protection but just to growing tension. In spite of all these complex and interlinked problems, despite acts against the freedom associated with travel, the power of tourism is constantly on the shine through the darkness” said Mister Rifai.
Quoting the Un Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, he stated, “ Beyond the measurable improvements that tourism can make possible, additionally it is a bridge to better mutual knowing among people from all moves of life. ”
In this particular context, Mr Rifai recalled the particular declaration of 2017 as the Worldwide Year of Sustainable Tourism designed for Development by the United Nations is an obvious recognition of the potential contribution associated with tourism to social progress, equal rights and prosperity and peace which tourism must be at the forefront from the 2020 Agenda for Sustainable Advancement.
“ In a world that will seems increasingly short of tolerance plus generosity, we should cherish tourism as being a precious pillar of peace among communities and nations. “ this individual said.
“ We all must ensure that, as our sector develops, it contributes to the wellbeing from the world and not to its danger. Tourism must fulfil its obligation to contribute to all 17 common Sustainable Development Goals” he additional.

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