Travel blogger's epic adventure is all for his lost father

Travel blogger's epic adventure is all for his lost father

Kiwi travel and lifestyle blogger Logan Dodds sure lives an epic life.

In a touching YouTube video released this week, he expressed his love for his father who passed away unexpectedly eight years ago.

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Since then he’s truly been ‘living for the moment’ and going on epic adventures around New Zealand and the world often accompanied by his friends and girlfriend former NZ bachelorette Dani Robinson.

His caption reads:

“The tribute. This one is for you Dad. My dad passed away out of the blue 8 years ago due to a freak brain aneurysm and he never got to travel.”

“He selflessly worked his arse off, set his family up and had planned to travel the world with my beautiful Mum a year after the accident happened. I don’t often talk about why I travel so much but it’s about to get real. I found myself in a complete rut after he passed. Completely flipped my whole life after loosing my best mate.”

“I thought, f*ck it I’m going to go overseas and try make something of my life. In those moments of complete happiness travelling, I felt free and alive. I felt my dad with me the whole way.. From those moments my life changed. I lived in the now, appreciated every f#cking moment I was breathing and 8 years later continue to do so. My dad never got to explore the world.”

“Now, I do it for the both of us. The universe is a crazy place, things happen for a reason. Though it was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, I am now super f*cking proud of the man I am today.”

“Live in the moment, be good to the universe, never take anything for granted. This is for you old boy.”

RIP Leigh James Dodds 1961 – 2009.

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