TRAVEL COMPANIES Reveal Top Six Honeymoon Destinations

TRAVEL COMPANIES Reveal Top Six Honeymoon Destinations

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Honeymoon destinations are always in the must-have list for newlyweds and the ones couples who cannot yet decide where you can spend their honeymoon, May be the very good news here!

Around 150 specialized travel companies all over the world have just revealed the very best 6 honeymoon havens. These agents are top-calibre in terms of destinations and honeymoon weddings.

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The survey was spearheaded by Vacation also it revealed that the most notable destinations are St. Lucia, Jamaica, Bora Bora/the Tahitian Islands, Riviera Maya, Hawaii and italy.

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Travel companies reveal top six honeymoon destinations.

Travel companies reveal top six honeymoon destinations.

Travel companies reveal top six honeymoon destinations.

The Top Six Honeymoon Destinations

Each destination is offers and unique alluring getaways for couples that are pumped up about romantic and adventurous getaways.

Here will be the top six honeymoon destinations:

  1. St. Lucia

Located in the Eastern Caribbean, St. Lucia is really a perfect destination for couples that are adventurous. Its beaches are recognized for the blue couples and water can go scuba.

Marvelous cabanas in the torrential rain forest make the island an enticing place for couples also. The trees hide the cabanas and connected by wooden walkways, adding a naturalistic feature to the romantic getaway.

Aside from that, a tour at the scenic Pitons, a set of jagged volcanic peaks, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will put in a touch of adventure for newlyweds surely.


After a hectic, Bonnie J. Laferriere, a fresh Hampshire-based advisor, of your day suggests a mud bath is the better relaxation option by the end. The Mud Bath emerges at the volcanic Sulphur Springs in Soufriere.

2. Jamaica.

Jamaica is well known because of its torquise and white beaches. For couples who love sunlight and the oriental setting, Jamaica is the better honeymoon spot. The reggae music genre in Jamaica earns mood for fun and relaxing vibes as wells.

Newlyweds can benefit from the waterfall vistas on an excursion to Blue Hole in the Ocho Rios area or perhaps a romantic sea salt and hot stone massage. Overwater bungalows on an exclusive island at Montego Bay may be the most epic to remain aswell.

The friendly locals and tasty cuisine increase an ideal romantic getaway also. Actually, Lori Randle, a fresh York travel agent, said, “you can find local guides to work with you and educate you on about Jamaica.”

3. Bora Bora and Tahitian Islands

have a magical experience

To, booking an overwater bungalow in Bora Tahitian and Bora Islands is the better move to make. Travel companies described this accepted places being an exotic honeymoon destination.

With its sapphire seas, sandy islets and overwater bungalows, Bora Bora exudes romance.

“stay static in a Tahitian overwater bungalow is a lot imitated A, but equaled in design and opulence never,” says Connecticut-based travel agent Eric Ardolino. “Each bungalow has its staircase directly into the ocean as well as your dining area table inside includes a glass top that checks the water, in order to below watch the fish!

4. Riviera Maya, Mexico

A honeymoon in Riviera Maya can provide sweet moments for the couple particularly when they are able to relish all-inclusive beachfront resorts and an excellent stop by at ancient Mayan ruins.

Travel agents assert that many-splendored region can suit the tastes of nearly every couple. Actually, each day trip inland across the Yucatan Peninsula to go to the Mayan ruins at Chich&eacute specialized agents recommend;n Itzá. Don&rsquo also;t miss show at Xcaret, an eco-archeological park, where 300 artists recreate days gone by history of Mexico.

Riviera Mayas is really a 86-mile coastline, stretching from south of Canc&uacute just; right down to Tulum is lined with dense viridian jungle n, sun-bleached sand, and natural limestone pools.

5. Italy

Italy is well known because of its romantic culture and cities. For all those couples who wish to experience these, don’t search for Italy may be the ultimate honeymoon destination further.

Florence, the epicenter of Renaissance culture, is the better city to choose museums tours, cooking classes, day trips to local cities like Pisa and. And don’t miss a tour to Pompeii, where you can explore the remnants of a historical Roman town preserved by volcanic ash.

If couples desire to get a soak in sunlight, they are able to time on the beach at the Amalfi Coast and admire the clear blue waters and breathtaking cliff-top views.

6. Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands is really a perfect spot honeymoon spot also. Couples have options which island they would like to spend their honeymoons. Each island offers distinct attractions.

Maui offers luxury beachfront resorts and the epic Road to Hana trip. Oahu draws honeymooners using its urban-metro feel and world-class surfing. In Kauai, happy couples can explore jaw-dropping natural wonders by hiking to waterfalls, like the cascading Wailua Falls. These islands are ideal for couples who wish to relax on the beach, tee off at a well-known course, or take an adventurous hike in a National Park.

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