Travel guide to highlight Pocono businesses

Travel guide to highlight Pocono businesses

The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau is hoping to attain potential tourists from over the eastern USA by releasing the official travel guide this spring.

The bureau has plans to distribute the travel guide, that will highlight businesses, restaurants, resorts and attractions over the region, through the entire tri-state beyond and area.

“It’s a crucial little bit of the puzzle for guests to produce a decision to go to us,” said Chris Barrett, president and CEO of Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau(PMVB). “Despite the fact that we use digital tools really aggressively there’s still plenty of guests who prefer to have that piece before they come here to go to.”

The travel guide will encompass attractions and businesses from across four counties. As the Poconos is actually a prominent destination in the northeast, Barrett said the consensus was an official travel guide could strengthen the region’s reputation as a destination further even.

In days gone by, people from beyond your region seeking the official travel guide have approached Barrett and he’s got had nothing to provide them.

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“The necessity for the official Pocono Mountains travel guide became apparent whenever we started getting requests from a large number of guests and people at industry events for a printed visitor guide and map of the spot with accurate information and strong content,” Barrett said.

Creating the official guide to the spot is a priority for the PMVB since Barrett joined in April 2017. The bureau has teamed up with Bailey Design and Advertising, based out of Honesdale, to generate the travel guide.

The goal would be to develop a guide that visitors and potential guests may use to learn concerning the area, discover things you can do, find places to remain and unearth the plethora of attractions and activities the Poconos have to give you.

“We at Bailey Design & Advertising are thrilled to be working again this season with the PMVB in the expansion of the travel magazine to add all counties of the Pocono Mountains,” said Meica Drake, production manager of Bailey Advertising and Design. “We have been excited to keep to utilize and build new relationships with all the current great businesses which are in your community.”

Businesses seeking to advertise in the guide can contact Drake by email at [email protected] or by phone at 570-251-1512. Businesses thinking about learning to be a known person in the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau can contact them by email at [email protected]