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Yangjiang in the southwestern Guangdong Province is a coastal city facing the South China Sea. The city is 247 kilometers from Guangzhou and 160 kilometers from Zhuhai close to the Pearl River Delta. Going to Yangjiang by sea, it is 265 kilometers from Hong Kong and 239 kilometers from Macau. The population of Yangjiang is 2.6 million and it covers 7,813 square kilometers. It has 2 counties called Yangxi and Yangdong in addition to 1 district called Yangcheng.

It is said that settlers discovered the area in which Yangjiang lies over ten thousand years ago. It is said that the area was conquered by the Qin courts in 221-206 BC and established the shires that exist there to this day. This made the area a shire but has been raised to become a county as the destination grew to prominence and importance as the years went by. This was done by the Eastern Han Dynasty in 25-220 BC.

When visiting Yangjiang, China there are some interesting things that you can do. You can visit;

Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum

This is the first undersea archaeology museum that pays homage to the Chinese ancient ship ‘Nanhai 1’ about exploration, display and research of the ship. It can be found on Shili Silver Beach on Hailing Island located on the west.

Dajiao Bay, Hailing Island

Named as one of the ten most beautiful islands in China, Hailing Island is located along the southwest of Yangjiang. With its popular Dajio Bay which enjoys great weather plus great beach, Hailing island has more famous attractions like Mawei Island and Shili Silver Beach.

Lingxiao Rock

With a reputation as been the most magnificent in all of South China, the majestic rocks which have an imposing manner is a base for science education, a geological park plus it is characterized by awesome karst landform. Lingxiao Rock can be found 41 miles from the proper district of Yangchun City located in the northwest.

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With various caves scattered around the three-story cave that spans over 394 feet high, this scenic spot is just magnificent. The cave has enough space for boating with its bottom floor that is grand and houses a limpid stream, which winds its way for over 1,050 feet. The upper and middle floors of the cave are awash with stalactites, stone pillars and stalagmites which take the shapes of fairies, lions and inverted lotus. These are actually very rare in China. Giving visitors the feeling of been in a sublime palace, there are forty grand stone pillars which looks like a large lotus, nineteen wonderful stalactites which are more grand than some buildings, the Lingxiao Rock is a must visit.

The karst site and geologic formation in Lingxiao Rock are well-preserved. As long as there are drops of water, the stalactites keep growing. As a response to the huge influx of tourist to this Rock, the infrastructure around it has improved, many scenic spots have been built like ancillary structures, a museum, a sunflower garden, a national geological park amongst others.


Moving around the City of Yangjiang is very easy because the city has a fine network for transportation. The city is a ten minute drive from the airport, but it will take you about an hour when you go through the Yangchun City train station. 11 miles away is the Yangjiang Heshan Airport which lies in Heshan town in the Yangdong county and it operates flights out of Guangzhou and Shenzhen routes.

If you are heading to Yangjiang from Hong Kong, you can also take the option of long distance buses which have take-off points from West Kowloon Elements, Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour city, Shatin Hilton Plaza, Hong Kong Shatin New Town Plaza, amongst other locations and take you to Yangjiang Yutian Hotel or New Bus Station.

Intercity, interprovincial buses are all available to take you around Yangjiang’s internal routes. From Guangzhou, Hailing Island can be reached in a little over 3 hours, although it is closer to Hong Kong and Zhuhai which are both just one and half hours away.

Weather in Yangjiang

Even with its really chilly winter, Yangjiang is an all year round tourist location. Typhoon and rainstorms occur in summer and autumn. Summer can last long, be very hot and last from mid- April to late October. You will also experience extreme heat in August. Yangjiang is situated in the subtropical zone and holds abundant rainfall plus temperate weather.

Accommodation in Yangjiang

There are hotels in Yangjiang China in every area. There are numerous hotels especially in Yangchun city. There are also various resorts which are great for tourists to stay in also.

Travel Tips to Yangjiang

Yangjiang has a total of thirty islands making up the total coastline of 213 miles which is 324 kilometers. The city’s top is the Ehuangzhang of the Wangfu Mountains which lie within its territory in addition to two mountains that stand in the northwest and the northeast. The main terrain of the city starts from the north to the south as it descends.

The local products that can be found here are sea products, lacquer, black bean sauce plus you can purchase some intricately carved knives as a souvenir when you visit Yangjiang due to a knife manufacturing plant that is situated in the district.

Yangjiang is located at a point that is easy to access from different locations around it. Be it by air, the airports are close to you. Want to take in the scenery? Schedule your trip when you get to the region with through the various options available by the intercity and interprovincial buses. These buses can take you from Hong Kong to Yangjiang, from Macau to Yangjiang, all depending on the route you want to travel. The time you choose to visit Yangjiang is also crucial. You want to schedule your visit in the months of June- August, as you are sure of enjoying very pleasant weather which would be great for exploring.

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