.Travel launches dotTravel City Finder ©

.Travel launches dotTravel City Finder ©

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The dotTravel City Finder © tool allows you to search and check the availability of 11,000,000 generic city domains based on geographic filtering. The city database allows a search filter by continent, country, region, or sub-region, with another filter for the number of inhabitants.

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For example, it is possible to find out with a simple search, which cities in the United States with more than 50,000 inhabitants have their generic name available with the .travel extension, or even which names are available for all cities in the world with a population of up to 1,000,000 inhabitants.

In this first version, the tool shows the names of the cities in their native spelling but in following “upgrades” we are planning to add an idiomatic option that allows you to see the results in specific languages; the names of cities in their native spelling in Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Russian for example.

The tool is particularly interesting in this period during which .travel is celebrating 10 years of service to the travel industry and is now open to anyone who is interested in a .travel domain name, whether it is a company, a tourism office, or simply an individual who wants to start a venture in the field of “travel.”

In practice, this means that any person, company, or tourism office that simply has an interest in developing a city portal can find and register their generic name with .travel, which is especially valuable when you consider that .travel is the preferred domain for countries and their tourism promotion programs.

Google produces 200,000 results for official .travel destination pages; check it out.

And more than 13,000,000 results for .travel pages that are official sites, corporations, or simply blogs, and private or small business pages; check it out.

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dotTravel City Finder © lets you see the availability of all geo-domain names in a specific area of influence; an upcoming tourism agency working with a domain of this type can become a source of continuous traffic.

Also, a tourism office can follow in the footsteps of reputable countries that use .travel for their main site such as Germany.travel, Argentina.travel, or the even the renowned Seychelles.travel, which redirects their .com to their .travel site; there are examples of more than fifty countries that are promoted to the world via .travel, the “standard” in the sector (you can read .travel at Fitur – International Fair of Tourism 2017 here.

Check the Leipzing.travel interview here: “The perfect domain to promote our beautiful city and region.”

Of course, an individual user can register a city name and develop on it; there are numerous examples that have over time become successful business models. Check the SanSebastian.travel interview here:

We realized that .travel was the most suitable one because of its clear relation to tourism.”

Do you want to check the availability of city names in your area of influence?

Click here!! First-come, first-served!!

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