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Travel Talks Digital Global Summit keys in on attracting visitors to Guam

“Everybody is just sharing their expertise with one another and I think that we can walk away from this summit taking back some new tools, some new tips on how to better position our businesses and our practices using the power of social media and digital media,” GVB President and CEO Pilar Laguana said.

The traditional methods of branding and advertising are being phased out slowly as companies are seeing the value of independent online promoters, she said.

“It’s communication in its finest form with today’s use of relevant communication tools, it used to be advertising agencies or big corporations or you would have to hire companies to do this for you but today with the age of travel technology everyone has a voice.”

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GVB Board Chairman, Sonny Ada recognizes the change in information technology and communication and how people receive the multitude of messages from advertisers, particularly with Guam’s travelers.

“We’ve brought together the professionals here so that the local industry folks and entrepreneurs can learn what these changes are,” he said.”

Ada said the integration of social media influencers into the marketing strategies of local businesses is a new frontier. Platforms like Instagram promote our island globally and we have to be able to back up the image being projected.

“For Guam’s side we have to deliver,” he said. “Here’s the content, then there’s the product and we have to deliver on the product, which means we have to improve our product. That means from the hotel owner to the Government of Guam park.”