Travel to Incredible India with Electronic Tourist Visa – A Brief Guide

, Travel to Incredible India with Electronic Tourist Visa – A Brief Guide, TravelWireNews | World News, TravelWireNews | World News

Every year tons of tourists from different parts of the world travel to India to see its natural beauty and culture. India has astonished the foreign countries with its tradition and culture, and thus many people love visiting India. They also wanted to understand the Indian culture, in fact, many international students are studying from India, and they are researching about Indian facts. The amazing history of India’s Independence and before that has always made the people curious and surprises them with different memoirs of kings and their dynasty. India is a land of culture, traditions, development, modernism, etc. Today, India has firmly established its position as a strong secular nation who is growing and advancing vastly with the technology., Travel to Incredible India with Electronic Tourist Visa – A Brief Guide, TravelWireNews | World News, TravelWireNews | World News

But as you know to visit any nation in the world, you require having a tourist visa. With lots of changes in rules every year in travel plans to overseas, the process for a visa is now getting easier and simpler. One can apply for an Indian visa online also. E-visa process has also been initiated.

Facts about Indian Tourist Visa

As per the 2014 rules, the E-visa or Electronic visa is a specialized on-arrival visa facility provided by the Indian government. For tourist visit also, E-Tourist visa is applicable. Many foreigners have found that applying for an Indian visa is very straightforward and simple. If Indian visa guide is followed religiously, then within a day or two, you will get your visa, and the dream for visiting India can come true. You can apply for an Indian visa online as well. There are certain required steps which are necessary to be followed.

  • Checking the Eligibility for Indian E-Visa: There are certain necessary conditions which are to be followed. First off, you have to be the citizen of certain countries or territories as per the 2017 list. After that, you can enter through India not only through Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi but can also enter India through other Airports of states. Be very specific during the interrogation for your purpose of visiting India. Your tourist visa is only limited to sightseeing, India tour or any recreational work. On Tourist visa, you are forbidden from any kind of employment or volunteer work. You must have a passport which holds the validity of six months before visiting India. For stamping, the passport must not be filled. At least two blank pages should be there.
  • Preparation of a right set of documents: Before applying for a visa, you have to be ready with the documents, and that should be in English. You must have a scanned copy of your passport’s first page. Your photo and details should be clear. You must have a passport size photo with white background, and it should not be old. Along with the proper documents set, you need to fill in all the information asked in the form. It is important that correct and verified information should be provided otherwise visa might not be approved. In the form, details about the place where you will stay should be provided. Your arrival and departure date should be mentioned accurately. The entry airport should be mentioned. Information about debit/credit card and PayPal account should be mentioned.
  • Processing EVisa online: One thing is very important about the E-visa is that only Indian government through their official website process the Indian visa (E-Tourist Visa) and there is no need to take an agent’s help in processing it online. It’s very simple, and anyone can do it. All the general information about how to process E-visa is mentioned in the guide and can be helpful in processing the visa application through the web.
  • Payment for E­-visa: Once you processed through all the steps of e-visa application, now its time to pay the fees. Indian government accepts the payment only through SBI and Axis bank, so you will be going to use their payment facility. The payment is not the same for all the countries. There is variation in fees depending upon the Indian and the other countries relation. There is a list available in which you can see the charges country wise. Remember bank will charge an additional 2.5 percent for processing the fee online.
  • Awaited Visa Result: Once you finish the whole process online, now you have to wait for the email that will inform about the visa status. If your visa status says granted, then further you will receive an Electronic Authorization for Travel. Well, in normal, the visa processing will take up to 3 days, but if you have done it online, chances are of getting it fast. You required to take the print out of the ETA while traveling to India


It has now become very simple and easy so that tourists don’t face any hassle and can easily enjoy their time in India while traveling.

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