| WATCH: Slide through ancient Greece in this insane waterpark

Visitors to Cyprus have the opportunity to dive right into a fun-filled day at the biggest themed waterpark in all of Europe!

WaterWorld Theme park in Ayia Napa, Cyprus is a unique waterpark with a Greek mythological theme flowing like the cool waters across all 100 000 square metres of the park.

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Resplendent with Greek columns, plazas, fountains and statues to the various Greek Gods, the theme is present in whichever corner of the park you find yourself in. The theme is best exemplified in the park’s wonderful rides and attractions.

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Check out Apollo’s Plunge, named after the God of the Sun – it is an exhilarating family-friendly raft ride that takes revellers through 124 metres of twists, turns and drops on a custom built Sun Chariot.

If that isn’t enough excitement for you then make sure to race your friends and family at the Chariot Chase. This multi-slide attraction (the only one outside of the US) sees you and three others race 70 metres down into the cool waters below.

Make sure to drop in at the Drop to Atlantis ride. One of a kind, this ride will send you speeding down a slide with sound and visual effects through twists, turns and drops before you drop down into the Atlantis Pool.

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Little ones are equally well-catered for with the Minotaur’s Labyrinth or the Pegasus Pool. With Greek columns fountains and water spray features all over, this is a great space for families to splash around and have fun.

If you’re looking to enjoy a more leisurely, slow-paced time at the park then you’re in luck with offerings such as Poseidon’s Wave Pool and Aphrodite’s Baths. Keeping everyone bobbing, floating or relaxing by a Greek ruin at Poseidon’s Wave Pool is a wave-generating system that will leave you feeling like you’re truly in the presence of Poseidon himself.

Aphrodite’s Baths are a bit of a respite for adults looking to enjoy some tranquillity away from the frenetic energy that permeates much of the park. With waterfalls and fountains, it’s simple to see why this grotto has as its namesake the goddess of love and beauty.     

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Plan Your Trip to Ayia Napa, Cyprus: 

  • Do SA residents need a visa: Yes, a Tourist Visa is required. Find more information here.  
  • Currency & exchange rate: Euro – EUR1 = R15,68
  • Main Airport: Larnaca International Airport 
  • Airlines that travel there: Ryanair, Easyjet, British Airways, Arkia, Aegean Airlines, Qatar Airways, Swiss International Airlines, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and more etc. Search for flights here.
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