partnership boosts tourism on the Gulf Coast partnership boosts tourism on the Gulf Coast


When it comes to what we offer our visitors, the Coast could be the best kept secret in the country. 

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That is about to change. The tourism agency, Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast, has partnered with the world’s largest travel website, 

This new partnership, which went into effect on March 6, could be a real game-changer. All 12 cities in South Mississippi have a page promoting all our amenities on TripAdvisor. 

That includes Ocean Springs, and the Walter Anderson Museum of Art. Folks there can hardly wait to show off. 

One of them is Corey Christy.

 “Well of course, the highlight is Walter himself. We show the art of Walter and his brothers Peter and Mac all through the year. But we also have just a ton of fun events throughout the year, featuring local artists and things for children,’ Christy explained. 

For the charter boat industry, TripAdvisor could reel in some new customers for boat captain Matthew Hinton.

He said, “I think it’s going to be a good impact. Letting people know what the coast is about. The reviews and stuff that people are going to want to come and see as the way of what charter boats have to offer here on the gulf coast.”

The reach is remarkable. Milton Segarra is the CEO of Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast. “We’re talking about a website that receives 415 million unique visitors on a monthly basis,” said Segarra. 

That’s good news for family friendly Margaritaville, where Joe Farruggio is the general manager. “I think we have a great story to tell on the Coast, and certainly here at Margaritaville. We believe in TripAdvisor. We monitor it all the time. I think it can only help us tell our story,” Farruggio said.

One of the best advantages of this relationship with TripAdvisor is that the 12 exclusive pages aren’t set in stone.

They can be changed regularly to reflect the needs of all the cities, according to Segarra. “Whenever we need to do let’s say a modification, that we want to include more events when something happens, that’s it’s very important for the city and the coast, we’ll be able to make those changes,” he noted. 

In this case, change can be a very good thing.

The partnership with will last for one year, but it could be extended.

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