Trump’s Twitter is not on Putin’s radar, he uses ‘other means’ to express himself

Trump’s Twitter is not on Putin’s radar, he uses ‘other means’ to express himself

Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed he doesn’t follow Donald Trump’s Twitter. In his latest interview with NBC, Putin said he has “other means” of doing things, describing Trump as a “more modern individual.”

Putin was asked by NBC’s Megyn Kelly if he ever reads US leader Donald Trump’s posts on Twitter. The Russian president replied in the negative, and added that he never tweets.

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“I have other means of expressing my point of view or making decisions. Well, Donald is a more modern person,” the Russian leader told the journalist.

The show is billed under the name “Confronting Putin.” During the interview, Putin also said that his US counterpart has “leadership qualities” as “he takes responsibility when he makes decisions.”

While ties between Moscow and Washington have deteriorated in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis, war in Syria and allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections, further accusations would lead nowhere, Putin said.  He asserted that the US leader realized that too.

“Even though this is his first term as President, he is a quick study, and he understands perfectly well that trading accusations or insults at our level is a road to nowhere,” Putin said.  “It would just mean depriving our countries of their last chance for dialogue, simply the last chance. This would be extremely unfortunate.”

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