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Twitter suspends anti-Trump stars the Krassenstein brothers for 'targeted harassment,' fake accounts

Twitter has suspended the Krassenstein brothers, two notoriously obsessed anti-Trump crusaders, for using fake handles and buying followers. Some conservatives, having seen their own side censored before, spoke up against the ban.

Brian and Ed Krassenstein, the #Resistance heroes with a shady history of alleged investment fraud, were suspended from Twitter on Thursday for “violating our rules against targeted harassment,” according to screenshots Ed Krassenstein shared on a new account he created to complain about being suspended by “Trump’s Twitter.”

The new account was quickly suspended as well, true to Twitter’s warning in the very screenshot they had posted: “if you attempt to evade a permanent suspension by creating new accounts, we will suspend your new accounts.”

The Krassensteins had been “operating multiple fake accounts and purchasing account interactions,” according to a Twitter spokesperson quoted by the Daily Beast. “The Twitter Rules apply to everyone.” The pair’s politics – they were ubiquitous in #Resistance Twitter, so well-known for their hatred of Trump they were able to crowd-fund a children’s book based on it – and their popularity (Ed had about 925,000 followers, while Brian had around 697,000) had placed them above the law in the past, according to their detractors.

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The twins’ mass-reporting of memesmith Carpe Donktum caused his temporary suspension earlier this month, but the satirist took the high road upon learning his tormenters were toast, pointing out that platform access should be a right for everyone – even “the Idiot Twins.

And Carpe wasn’t the only one on the Right to call for the brothers’ reinstatement.

Not everyone was so charitable.

And a few people admitted to reporting them.

With rumors about their suspensions swirling, the brothers released a statement denying they had “acquired anything for the purpose of increasing our Twitter presence.”

Twitter has recently booted a number of popular conservative accounts from its platform, including a clearly-marked parody account of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, even after CEO Jack Dorsey admitted the platform had been “way too aggressive” in enforcing its terms of service against right-wing users. 

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