Two men jailed for robbing prostitute

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The men sentenced to six months to be followed by deportation

Dubai: Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday sentenced two men to six months in jail for having sex with a prostitute and robbing her.

The 21-year-old Pakistani woman met the two men in the early hours of April 28 in Al Rafaa area. The two suspects posed as policemen and took the woman to a remote area in their car and had sex with her.

“One of them stole Dh600 and phone from my bag before throwing me out of the moving car,” the woman told the police.

The woman took the policemen to the area where the incident took place and they identified the suspects’ car plate number through cameras in the area.

The police arrested the two suspects and the woman was deported following an administrative deportation order.

“The cameras showed the woman talking to the two suspects and then getting into their car. She was detained later for filing a bogus report claiming that the suspects kidnapped her,” an Emirati police officer told prosecutors.

“The 36-year-old Indian and the 24-year-old Pakistani suspects, were arrested after a chase. We spotted them in the same area talking to another woman. They confessed that they had come to the same area looking for prostitutes,” the officer added.

The two suspects had been working in a garage and the car they used in the crime belonged to a customer.

However, during trial, the men denied charges of theft.

The court ordered deportation of the two men after serving their jail terms.