United Airlines: And the hits just keep on coming

United Airlines: And the hits just keep on coming

One might think that United Airlines is on some deranged suicide mission by its actions this week. First they kick off – no, they drag off – a doctor from a flight because he refused to leave after explaining he had to see patients the following morning at his destination.

A few days later on Saturday, in walks bride and groom Amber Maxwell and Michael Hohl, on their way to Costa Rica for their wedding. But they were kicked off flight 1737. And the flight was not overbooked, and no United employees were waiting to get on. So, what could have possibly happened this time?

Were they being obnoxiously romantic? Were they disturbing other passengers? Were they trying to fly in first class seats when they paid for economy?

Amber and Michael had flown to Houston, Texas, from Salt Lake City, Utah. After a layover at George Bush Intercontinental airport, they boarded United Flight 1737 bound for Liberia, Costa Rica. However, when they went to take their…. seats, a man was sleeping in the entire row.

Rather than disturb the man, and since the aircraft was mostly empty anyway, they took two seats a few rows up. They had purchased economy seats and were still in the economy section, so it never occurred to them this was going to be a problem.

When a flight attendant discovered they were not in their assigned seats, they were told to wake the man up and take their assigned seats. So rather than the attendant having the decency to wake the sleeping passenger, which really was the crux of the problem, the couple was made to do that themselves, which they did. And yet…

The United Airlines attendance called US marshals to escort the couple off the flight.

According to the airlines crew member, the couple repeatedly attempted to sit in upgraded seating and would not return to their assigned seats with the sleeping passenger sprawled out across them. Perhaps a couple rows up was coach instead of economy?

It makes travelers wonder what airlines, specifically this week’s focus – United Airlines – are teaching their crew about how to interact with paying passengers and what customer service is, assuming there is a section of training on customer service, that is.

PHOTO: The bride and groom before the United flight that should have been the beginning of a string of happy memories as they journeyed to their new life together.

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