UNWTO Secretary General Election: How functions?

UNWTO Secretary General Election: How functions?

The United Nations World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) generates market knowledge, encourages competitive and sustainable tourism insurance policies and instruments, fosters tourism education and learning and training, and works to create tourism an effective tool for growth through technical assistance projects within over 100 countries around the world. The business is based in Madrid, Spain.

UNWTO’ s membership contains 157 countries, 6 territories plus over 500 affiliate members symbolizing the private sector, educational institutions, travel and leisure associations and local tourism specialists. Its headquarters are located in This town.

UNWTO is not full and struggles to speak for the whole world when it comes to travel and travel and leisure issues. Surprisingly non-members are: Cayman islands land and Barbuda, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Comoros, Denmark, Dominica, Estonia, Finland, Grenada, Guyana, Iceland, Ireland, Kiribati, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Marshall Island destinations, Micronesia, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Saint Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Sudan, Suriname, Sweden, Tonga, Tuvalu, United Arab Emirates, Uk, United States of America.

Any brand new Secretary General has to make it their priority to push non-members to get members and join the worldwide United Nations community of tourism locations.

“ The Secretary-General shall be appointed by a two-thirds most of Full Members present and voting in the Assembly, on the recommendation from the Council, for a term of 4 years. His appointment shall be green. ”

The term associated with office of the current Secretary-General Taleb Rifai expires on 31 Dec 2017. It is therefore incumbent on the Common Assembly to appoint a Secretary-General for the period 2018-2021 at the twenty-second session due to be kept in Chengdu, China, in September/October 2017.

Consequently, according to Article 22 of the Statutes with Rule 29 of the Rules associated with Procedure of the Executive Council, the particular Executive Council will be required in its 105th session (11-12 Might 2017 to recommend a nominee to the General Assembly.

For purposes of this nomination, it really is proposed that the established practice end up being followed and, more particularly, how the rules adopted by the Council for your selection of a nominee for the blog post of Secretary-General at its twenty-third session in May 1984   be viewed.

5. The aforementioned rules, which have been consistently applied for the particular nomination for the post of Secretary-General since 1992, provide that:

“ (a) only nationals of States Members of WTO may be candidates;

“ (b) candidates shall be formally suggested to the Council, through the Secretariat, with the governments of the States of which they may be nationals, and these proposals should be  received not later than (date to be determined1 ), the postmark providing proof thereof;

“ (c) voting shall be executed by secret ballot in accordance with the particular Guiding Principles for the Conduct associated with Elections by Secret Ballot mounted on the Rules of Procedure of the Common Assembly;

“ (d) the vote shall be decided according to Article 30 of the Statutes plus Rule 28 of the Council’ h Rules of Procedure, by easy majority, defined as fifty

“ (d) the vote will be decided in accordance with Article 30 from the Statutes and Rule 28 from the Council’ s Rules of Treatment, by simple majority, defined as 50 per cent plus one of the valid ballots cast; “

“ (e) the selection of one nominee from the Council shall be conducted, in accordance with Guideline 29 of the Council’ s Guidelines of Procedure, during a private conference, part of which shall be a limited meeting, as follows:

“ (i) discussion of candidates will be conducted during a restrictive private conference at which only voting delegations plus interpreters shall be present; there will be no written record and no strapping recording of the discussions;

“ (ii) during the balloting Secretariat staff necessary to assist with the voting shall be admitted;

“ (f) the Executive Council chooses not to recommend a candidate proposed by government of a member State within unjustified arrears (paragraph 12 from the Financing Rules attached to the Statutes); “ (g) the Council will select only one nominee to suggest to the Assembly. ”

“ (g) the Council will select only one nominee to suggest to the Assembly. ”

“ (i) discussion of applicants shall be conducted during a restrictive personal meeting at which only voting delegations and interpreters shall be present; generally there shall be no written record with no tape recording of the discussions;

“ (ii) during the balloting Secretariat staff necessary to assist with the particular voting shall be admitted; “ (f) the Executive Council decides to not recommend a candidate proposed by the federal government of a member State in unjustified arrears (paragraph 12 of the Funding Rules attached to the Statutes); “ (g) the Council shall choose only one nominee to recommend towards the Assembly. ”

Additionally , the procedure established for the receipt associated with nominations that has been applied since 1992 provides the following with respect to the presentation from the nominations: “ each nomination ought to be accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a statement associated with policy and management intent, conveying the nominee’ s views around the manner in which he or she would perform the particular functions of Secretary-General. These facts will be compiled in the form of an Authorities document and communicated to the Members within the prescribed time-limits. “ In the interest of maintaining equal rights between the nominees and to ensure that their own documents are readable, it is suggested that will curricula vitae be confined in order to, say, two pages and claims of policy and management intention of six pages. The nominations is going to be presented in alphabetic order within the Council document. ”

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Since 1992, the time-limit fixed for the receipt of candidatures (to which the corresponding government supports, curricula vitae and statements of purpose must be actually attached) has been set up at two months before the session from which the Executive Council is required to pick a nominee. The Secretariat consequently notifies all the Members by note verbale of the receipt of each nomination.

Since 1997, the candidates for election to the post associated with Secretary-General have made an oral display of their candidature and intentions throughout the Council’ s nominating session. Known as in the Spanish alphabetical order of the surnames, the nominees are allocated equal time for making their  delivering presentations which are not followed by discussions.

In accordance with Rule 29(3) from the Rules of Procedure of the Professional Council, the recommendation to the Set up of a nominee for appointment towards the post of Secretary-General: “ will be made by a simple majority of the Associates of the Council present and voting

If no applicant receives the majority in the first ballot, a second and, if necessary subsequent ballots shall be held to decide between the 2 candidates receiving the largest number of ballots. ”

In accordance with the practice of the Organization, recalled within decision 17 of 1984, an easy majority is “ defined as fifty per cent plus one of the valid ballots cast”.

This principle was confirmed in 1988 plus 1992 (decisions 19(XXXIV) and 19(XLIV)). In the event of an odd number, it appears in conformity with logic, using the ordinary meaning of words current dominant practice, to define this rather as representing the number of ballots immediately higher than half of the ballots validly cast3.

When it comes to procedures of the “ second” plus “ subsequent ballot” mentioned within Rule 29, should they prove essential, the clarifications provided by the Lawful Adviser in the Information Document for that Election of the Secretary-General in 1989 and confirmed in 2008 would certainly apply in the event that two candidates ought to share the second place in the first ballot.

The consequence will be that another ballot (and as much additional as necessary for achieving the necessary majority) would be organized between the 3 candidates to decide which two candidates, getting received the greatest number of votes, will certainly subsequently participate in the final ballot. twelve. Representation of a State by an additional Full Member of the Organization during the political election of the nominee will follow the promises adopted by the General Assembly from its 19th session in the Republic of Korea in 2011 (resolution 591(XIX)), at its 20th session within Zambia/Zimbabwe in 2013 (resolution 633(XX)) and at its 21st session within Colombia in 2015 (resolution 649(XXI)). 13.

It is remembered that Members to which Article thirty four of the Statutes and paragraph thirteen of the Financing Rules attached to the particular Statutes are being applied at the time of the particular election are deprived of a regular membership privileges in the form of services and the directly to vote in the Assembly and the Authorities unless they have been granted a temporary permission from the application of such provisions with the Assembly.

The procedure mentioned in this document has been put into practice effectively, and without giving rise to any specific difficulty, for the appointments carried out given that 1992. 15. In line with the recommendations by Joint Inspection Unit of the Un (JIU) relating to the selection and circumstances of service of Executive Mind in the United Nations System Organizations (JIU/REP/2009/8), each applicant is requested to install a certificate of good health agreed upon by a recognized medical facility towards the presentation of her/his candidature.

The Executive Council is certainly invited: (a) To decide that the guidelines adopted by the Council for the collection of a nominee for the post associated with Secretary-General at its twenty-third program in May 1984 (decision 17(XXIII)), supplemented by those adopted at the thirty-fourth session in November 1988 (decision 19(XXXIV)), and at its fortyfourth session in November 1992 (decision 19(XLIV)) shall also be observed in its 105th session; (b) To verify that, for the interpretation of the lawful rules governing the election from the Secretary-General and the decisions mentioned within subparagraph (a) above, reference will be made to the contents of this record; (c) To invite the Associate States to propose candidates for that post of Secretary-General for the time period 2018-2021, ensuring that their nominations achieve the Organization’ s Headquarters (Capitá n Haya 42, 28020 This town, Spain) two months before the inauguration from the 105th session of the Executive Authorities, i. e., by 24: 00 hours Madrid time, 11 03 2017 (date to be confirmed), in the latest; (d) To request applicants to submit, together with biographical plus career information, a statement associated with policy and management intent, conveying their views on the manner in which they will perform the functions of Secretary-General; and (e) To confirm that the 105th session of the Executive Council can select the nominee it should recommend towards the twenty-second session of the General Set up for the post of SecretaryGeneral from the Organization for the period 2018-2021.