US Embassy Issues Travel Warning For Mexico's Playa Del Carmen

CHICAGO (CBS) — The U.S. Embassy in Mexico has issued a new travel warning for Playa del Carmen, where an explosion on a tourist ferry injured 26 people last month. The embassy says in an alert posted on its website that it received information Wednesday about a “security threat” in that city and U.S. government employees are prohibited from going there.

The U.S. embassy did not specify the threat or say if it was related to the Feb. 21 blast or the subsequent discovery of apparent explosives attached to another vessel.

Mexican officials insisted Thursday that Playa del Carmen is safe despite the U.S. security alert. Still, the alert has some Chicagoans rethinking their vacation plans.

“Obviously I’m concerned for my family and putting them in harms way,” said D.C. Crenshaw, who was planning on taking his wife and two boys to the popular destination in two weeks. “Although this is going to be a spring break trip that we’re looking forward to — you have to weigh the pros and cons to see if we’re really going to make that trip.”

CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg said he would encourage all Americans to continue with their plans.

The U.S. Consular Agency in Playa del Carmen will be closed until further notice, the alert says.

Travelers can go to for the latest security alerts and to sign up for mobile alerts.

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