US Embassy travel advisory uncalled for: Nur Jazlan

US Embassy travel advisory uncalled for: Nur Jazlan

JOHOR BARU: The recent travel advisory issued by the United States (US) Embassy to US citizens to stay away from frequenting a certain nightclub in Kuala Lumpur (KL) following alleged cases of “coordinated drink-spiking” is uncalled for, says Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

The Home Deputy Minister said such an action seemed to paint a negative picture of Malaysia, and at the same time implied that such incidents also happened at all nightclubs in the country.

“There is (really) no need to issue the travel advisory. Just tip-off the police, (as) they can take action if there is a complaint. Such information can adversely impact the country’s image … in fact, it implies that all nightclubs in KL, and Malaysia are doing the same.

“However, I will instruct the police to look into the matter and investigate if there are complaints from the victims.

“Sometimes, the victims did not lodge a (police) report but discussed it on social media and so on. Perhaps, this could be the reason why the US Embassy is concerned about the matter,” Nur Jazlan, who is also Pulai MP, told a press conference after attending the Everyday Sports Futsal Centre first anniversary here today.

Yesterday, the embassy in a statement urged US citizens to avoid visiting The Beach Club in Jalan P. Ramlee following “coordinated drink-spiking” cases at the premises which allegedly targeted foreigners.

The statement also said that such cases were not limited to the premises.

“That is why the police are conducting drug-prevention activities in night clubs. Sometimes, the owners of these nightclubs are not aware of what is happening inside as those who provide the service (of fixing and serving drug-laced drinks) are the waiters and bartenders,” noted the deputy minister.

Nur Jazlan said the drug-laced drinks could have been offered for between RM30 and RM40 per glass.

“They have various ways of offering the drinks … however, it is difficult for us to prove that as (the ‘deal’) takes place behind the counter,” he added. — Bernama

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