USA Brings Home 108 Medals, 42 Gold At World Masters Indoor Track Championships In Daegu, South Korea

DAEGU, South Korea and WASHINGTON, March 25, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Team USA won 108 medals, including 42 Gold, 34 Silver, and 32 Bronze, at {the planet} Masters Indoor Athletics Championships in Daegu, South Korea.  At the week-long track & field meet, concluded Saturday, two {generation} world records were set by 65 year-old distance runner Kathy Martin of Northport, New York, in the 3000 and 1500 meters, and two by 80 year-old sprinter Bob Lida of Wichita, KS in the 400 and 200 meters. Throwers made {a fantastic} showing; ten of twelve left with medals {in accordance with} Masters Vice-Chair Jerry Bookin-Weiner, {on the list of} 102 Americans entered. 85 year-old Gloria Krug of New Oxford, PA topped individual golds with seven field event wins.

On Saturday, the meet’s final day, USA teams made {an excellent} showing in the 4X200 relays, including {a global} record by the men’s 65 team of Charles Allie, Charles Powell, Thad Wilson, and Bill Collins.  The women’s 55, men’s 35, and men’s 50 teams set American records in the 4X200.

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74 nations and over 4600 athletes 35-99 competed in Daegu. Top teams in golds and overall medals were Australia 59/124, Great Britain 50/118, USA 42/108, Spain 38/80, Germany 27/83, host South Korea 27/65, Japan 26/70, and France 26/66.

Meet photos (by Rob Jerome) of several American stars {doing his thing} in Daegu {could be} {bought at}:  {Thank you} to Rob for his outstanding contribution.

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USA Medals are detailed below by USATF Masters Awards Co-Chair Mary Trotto, and Records by Masters Awards Co-Chair Rachel Guest.

Contact: Bob Weiner, USATF National Masters Media Director 301-283-0821, cell 202-329-1700 [email protected]

SOURCE USATF Masters Media and Robert Weiner Associates

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