Utah aims to avoid airport travel problems for residents

Utah aims to avoid airport travel problems for residents

Utah state legislators are set to take into account a proposal at a particular session the following month that could ensure state driver’s licenses have a federally required gold star on leading, which may prevent residents from being turned by airport security later on away.

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The Salt Lake Tribune reports a transportation committee at the Legislature endorsed the bill, marking step one in an activity targeted at ensuring Utah residents haven’t any problems in 2020 once the Department of Homeland Security will demand the gold star on licenses.

State officials became alert to the issue come early july when Homeland Security officials informed Utah Driver License Division Director Chris Caras of the issue. The gold star is necessary as an indicator that hawaii reviewed birth certificates or passports to be sure license holders are U.S. citizens.

Homeland Security has warned hawaii it will not accept Utah driver’s licenses at airport security if the problem isn’t fixed by Oct. 1, 2020.

The problem was made this year 2010 when state lawmakers voted to avoid complying with the true ID Act in protest over unfunded federal mandates. The sponsors of this measure, Republican Sen. Margaret Dayton and Republican Rep. Steve Sandstrom, are longer members of the Legislature no.

To fix the nagging problem, lawmakers must now take legislative action to permit the gold star to be put into licenses.

The cost to repair the problem could possibly be less than $2 million if lawmakers do something in a particular session in November, but around $5 million should they wait, state officials said.

Caras said his agency could begin adding the gold starts to licenses issued in December if lawmakers authorize at the special session. Every month hawaii waits will definitely cost $80,000 more because cards will undoubtedly be issued minus the gold starts and have to be reissued at a later time.

If the proposal is rejected and Utah is available noncompliant by Homeland Security, Utah travelers would have to bring a passport or various other type of acceptable ID using them to the airport.

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