VIDEOS show scene of California helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant

, VIDEOS show scene of California helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, TravelWireNews | World News

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Footage has emerged showing the aftermath of the helicopter crash in California that reportedly took the life of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and four others.

First videos and photos of the crash site show smoke and debris scattered around the area, and emergency services arriving to the scene. The accident reportedly started from a fire onboard Kobe Bryant’s private helicopter which made it spiral out of control before crashing over Calabasas.

 The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed there were no survivors left at the crash site.

The crash site shows smoke and debris left behind by the helicopter. 

Bryant, 41, is the only deceased person whose identity has been confirmed at this point, with conflicting reports about whether or not any of his family, he has a wife and four daughters, were aboard the helicopter.

The City of Calabasas confirmed Bryant’s death.

Also on NBA legend Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash aged 41

Though retired from basketball since 2016, Bryant was still a frequent visitor to NBA games and he was known to fly on a private helicopter.

Bryant was a Olympic gold medalist, a recent Academy Award winner for the short film ‘Dear Basketball’ and a beloved Los Angeles athlete as he spent his entire 20 year career with the Lakers. 


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