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Whenever Elisabeth, of Elisabeth’s Tailor Made Excursions & Promotions in The Netherlands, had been to set up her website, she failed to have to think too long to decide that the domain with a. travel extension was your way to go. Having a website with “. travel” in its name would provide the girl with instant brand recognition.

Said owner, Elisabeth, about why she chose the. traveling domain for her website, “ I used to be advised to do so, and I did not need to think about it twice because my company is all about TRAVEL. ”

Elisabeth’ s Tailor Made Tours provides personalized, guided tours and activities relating to culture, art, history, structures, (vintage) design & fashion, character & gardens, science, and fascinating sights in combination with sporting activities like for instance led walks and bike tours within Amsterdam and The Netherlands in all their particular beauty across the shifting seasons in a single or more days.

Aside from cultural and educational customized guided tours, Elisabeth’ s tour company also offers artwork workshops in which active participation is a crucial aspect. Some tours even consist of visits of ateliers of reputed artists.

Tours are usually carefully planned, customized and individualized and are available in English, French, The spanish language, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Shine, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Persia, Chinese and Dutch. Elisabeth’ s i9000 Tailor Made Tours also does bookings of selected unique hotels plus B& B locations. Tour encounters include transportation via boat, bicycle taxi, coach, Vintage old timer or bus, limousine, by bicycle or on foot and may be created for companies, schools, and international plus private groups.

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