We each have priorities out

We each have priorities out

TOURISTS FROM Taiwan check out Tokyo’s Asakusa district, while Akihabara is favored by Indians. Europeans and americans prefer Shibuya.

A survey of foreign tourists conducted by the Tokyo metropolitan government this past year has revealed the most notable destinations in the town for visitors from abroad. 

The survey discovered that tourists’ favourite areas differ according to the region or country they result from.

Manga and movies may actually influence the differences in preference partly.

“You want to develop methods to promote places in Tokyo in line with the survey results,” a populous city official said.


The government surveyed foreign tourists at Haneda and Narita airports last, analysing the answers around 13,000 respondents by home region or country.

A Taiwan tourist rides a rickshaw through the streets of Asakusa. 57 % of Taiwanese visitors choose the district nearly. 

The Shinjuku-Okubo area was typically the most popular destination in Tokyo, attracting 56 % of foreign tourists to the populous city. Ginza was second, drawing 49.7 %, accompanied by Asakusa at 45.7 % and Shibuya at 42.6 %.

However, the order of preference changed based on tourists’ home region or country. For instance, 53.7 % of Taiwan tourists visited Asakusa, rendering it the most-visited area amongst their compatriots.

“Taiwanese just like the scenery of old commercial and residential areas,” said Takahisa Yuge, director general of the world Trotter Travel Research Institute. “It appears that they’re influenced by the manga series &lsquo also;Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo’ [‘This can be the police station before Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward,” that is popular in Taiwan.

The series, known by the abbreviation &ldquo widely;Kochikame”, includes a lead character from Asakusa named Kankichi Ryotsu. In accordance with publisher Shueisha Inc, the manga is published in Taiwan under another title.

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Meanwhile, Shibuya was popular among tourists from Western countries, spain and Italy especially. “In the United Europe and States, Shibuya is well-known for appearing in American movies such as for example ‘Lost in Translation’ and ‘The Fast and the Furious’,” Yuge said.

Akihabara was typically the most popular with visitors from India. In line with the survey, 64.4 % of Indian respondents visited Akihabara for business purposes, a figure that exceeded the percentages for other reasons.

“Since it industry is big in India, there could be many cases where people who have tech-related jobs visit Akihabara, that is well-known for its concentration of electronics stores,” a city official said.

Chinese tourists, that are well-known for their lavish shopping sprees, visited Ginza a lot more than any area, while visitors from South Hong and Korea Kong preferred Shinjuku and Okubo.

The survey asked how satisfied the respondents were making use of their trip also. A lot more than 90 % expressed high satisfaction.

However, respondents were dissatisfied with such points as Tokyoites&rsquo relatively; capability to communicate in foreign languages and the capability of exchanging money, highlighting areas for improvement.

According to the populous city government, year increased 5 the quantity of foreign tourists who visited Tokyo last. year 1 % from the prior, to an archive most of 13.77 million.

However, overall visits to Japan rose 19.3 % from 2016, to about 28.69 million, indicating that Tokyo’s rate of increase lagged behind the national country all together.

“We’ll carefully promote the populous city and make improvements using the survey results, such as for example by giving an answer to language needs, so when many foreign tourists as you possibly can choose Tokyo because of their trips,” the populous city official said.