Weather travel news: Motorists who drive with snow on car roof face fines and points on licence

Weather travel news: Motorists who drive with snow on car roof face fines and points on licence

Motorists driving with snow on the roof of their cars could be in danger of a fine if caught by police. 

Drivers must “remove all snow that might fall into the path of other road users”, according to section 229 of the Highway Code.

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This includes windows, mirrors and the roof of the vehicle, the AA said.

If you are caught with snow on the roof of your car, you could be given a £60 fine and have three points added to your licence.

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Luke Bosdet, a spokesman for the AA said that the consequences of a snowy roof could be much worse if it causes an accident.

“If you are in an accident and it is the contributing factor then in terms of punishment the sky’s the limit,” he said.

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If a driver is charged with “careless driving” the fine could be as high as £5000.

The spokesman warned that it was very dangerous to leave snow on the roof of your car.

He said: “You are driving along and you become one big car blizzard.

“If the snow is frozen and comes off in chunks it could be very dangerous for cyclists and other cars”.

Heavy snowfall this week caused by the “beast from the east” has sparked severe transport delays across the UK.

Road and rail networks were brought to a standstill as temperatures plummeted. Drivers are being advised to avoid unnecessary journeys and stick to major routes where possible if they must travel.

The Met Office warned of further snow showers expected on Wednesday night while Londoners were told to brace themselves ahead of Storm Emma due to hit the capital tomorrow, bringing snow blizzards, gales and sleet.

Temperatures will plummet to minus 7C in parts of London but there will be severe wind chill on Thursday as 40mph gusts blast the region when Storm Emma is predicted to bring snow blizzards, gales and sleet.

It will struggle to get above freezing in the capital tomorrow as the Met Office warned of “prolonged periods of snow” and possibly the coldest day in March on record.

A red weather alert was also issued by the Met Office for parts of Scotland between 3pm today and 10am Thursday morning.

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