What animal is indeed big, it got its Travel Mart?

What animal is indeed big, it got its Travel Mart?

A new event seeks to improve knowing of growing global fascination with ecotourism and at exactly the same time, create opportunities that benefit this big mammal, the surroundings, and local communities.

A new ecotourism event, Elephant Travel Mart 2018, hosted by &lsquo jointly;Save Elephant Foundation’ and ‘Asian Elephant Projects’, on December 14 aims to create together ethical elephant tour operators and tour agencies in Chiang Mai.

The event, occurring at Khum Kan Toke, Chiang Mai, is conceived by the founder of ‘Save Elephant Foundation’, Sangduen Chailert (Lek), who works for the wellbeing of Thailand&rsquo tirelessly;s elephants.

Elephant tourism is definitely connected with Thailand by travelers from around the world and really helps to attract an incredible number of visitors to the united states every year. However, there’s been an evergrowing trend from traditional types of elephant tourism (such as for example elephant riding and circus shows) towards ethical elephant tours offering programs which are sustainable and make the well-being of elephants important.

Ecotourism values promoting modes of travel with reduced impact on the surroundings have become more widespread, among young people particularly. An evergrowing concern for the surroundings and for the welfare of animals is changing the landscape of tourism across many holiday destinations across the world – a confident change that displays significant opportunities.

A key goal of Elephant Travel Mart 2018 would be to supply a venue to create people together to go over the way the travel industry can continue steadily to adapt to react to this trend and better meet up with the shifting demands of travelers.

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Lek Chailert shows that, “If ethical tour operators using environmentally sound practices and tour agencies interact in reaction to the demand for sustainable ecotourism in Thailand, a mutually beneficial relationship may be accomplished which will create widespread benefits for the elephants, the surroundings, small communities, and the Thai economy.”

The event shall start out with a many thanks address to the audience by Lek, accompanied by an opening ceremony, including a performance by the Chiang Mai College of Dramatic Arts. Elephant tour operators and travel agencies will meet to go over potential opportunities for working together then.

At the function, you will have 30 booths representing the ‘Saddle Off’ projects promoted by Asian Elephant Projects. Each booth provides information regarding their hand and project out brochures and souvenirs to visitors. There may also be lucky draw prizes offering free gift vouchers to go to the many ‘Saddle Off’ projects throughout Chiang Mai province.

In the evening, dinner will be served and entertainment supplied by various Thai stars including Rose Sirinthip, Baitoey R-SIAM, King The Star, and Bow Benjasiri. The winners of the lucky prize draw will undoubtedly be announced then. The function shall end with a closing address by Prof. Prayat Vorapreecha, Honorary Counselor of Save Elephant Foundation.

It is hoped that event provides an important possibility to exchange and develop ideas along with build relationships between members of the travel industry so as to make best use of the growing popularity of ecotourism.

“The success of the event holds the potential to positively impact the welfare of elephants in Thailand, protect and enhance the environment, and offer support to local communities,” concludes Ms. Chailert.