Wife arrested for helping prisoner escape

Wife arrested for helping prisoner escape

Police believe Wimol Jalui helped her husband, a prisoner receiving medical treatment, escape from hospital. (Photo by Sawat Ketngam)

SA KAEO — Police have arrested a woman suspected of helping a prisoner, her husband, escape from Sa Kaeo Hospital.

Yuthana Kongseng, a drug convict, escaped from the hospital about 11pm on Friday.  He had been admitted there for treatment for pulmonary disease, his third visit in about one month.  He escaped as he was about to be returned to Sa Kaeo prison after his condition improved.

Police believed his wife Wimol Jalui, who was at his bedside, helped cut off the chains, allowing him to flee.

The woman was being questioned.  Police were hunting for Yuthana, who was believed to be on the run in tambon Talang of Wang Nam Yen district.

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