Winter storm watch to begin Sunday evening, stunting travel

Winter storm watch to begin Sunday evening, stunting travel

Low visibility and icy roads may cause dangerous road conditions beginning Sunday evening and lasting throughout Monday.

Temperature changes are making the precipitation type unpredictable, and possible slowing wind speeds make it difficult to tell if there will be blowing snow and lack of visibility and in what quantity. Weather updates will tell.

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Temperatures on Monday will begin to cool, turning potential rain on Sunday into snow on Monday morning.

The greatest risk of six or more inches of snow reaches the Northern Red River Valley and Devils Lake basin. Meteorologist technician Bill Barrett said that Fargo-Moorhead will not see the brunt of the storm.

The National Weather Service advises travellers to postpone or cancel unnecessary plans that require passing through the storm.

There may be some light precipitation and fog Sunday morning.

Winter storm watches will begin Sunday night to Monday morning.

Expect visibility under half a mile, icy roads, and blowing snow during the peak of the storm.

Conditions are expected to improve by Tuesday morning.

Prepare for a winter storm by packing a winter survival kit in your vehicle and continuously watching the warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

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