Work begins on Oman's $1bn integrated tourism complex in Quriyat

Work begins on Oman's $1bn integrated tourism complex in Quriyat

A $1bn integrated tourism complex (ITC) will be developed in Oman's Quriyat wilayat [representational image].

A $1bn integrated tourism complex (ITC) will be developed in Oman’s Quriyat wilayat [representational image].

The foundation stone has been laid for a $1bn (OMR385m) integrated tourism complex (ITC) in Oman. 

Quriyat Development Company (QDC) will build the project in three phases in the sultanate’s wilayat of Quriyat. 

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QDC, which was established through a partnership between Al Madina Real Estate Company and Space Gulf Company, will develop the project on a plot of land allocated as a usufruct in Oman’s structure for ITCs.

Major components to be built within the ITC include tourism, residential, and recreational facilities. 

The first of these will include the establishment of a three-, four-, and five-star hotel each, with a total of 750 rooms, in addition to a golf course. 

Meanwhile, more than 3,000 residential units will be developed within the ITC, including freehold spaces for citizens and foreigners. 

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A water park, and a boulevard walkway comprising an entertainment centre, cinemas, restaurants, and a health club, will form the ITC’s recreational component. 

Additionally, a floating berth to receive shipping and commercial vehicles will be developed as a part of the project. 

Each stage is expected to be completed within a five-year period, with Phase 1 focussed on infrastructure works for the project, as well as the development of 400 homes on a 70ha plot, a 250-key four-star hotel spanning 53,000m2.

A residential and commercial quarter spanning 53,000m2, the tater park, and 38,000m2 of recreational and commercial facilities will also be developed within Phase 1.

During the second stage – which would be the project’s largest phase – 1,200 homes will be constructed on a 21.5ha plot, in addition to a 10,000m2 mosque, and a 150-key three-star hotel. 

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In the same phase, the four-star hotel built in Phase 1 will be expanded along the waterfront to raise its capacity by 150 rooms and suites, and a nine-hole golf club and course, spanning 25ha, will be developed as well. 

The final stage of the project will include the development of 1,364 residential units – including 36 villas along the waterfront – the expansion of the tourism structure, the addition of 150 new rooms to the three-star hotel, and the establishment of a five-star hotel with 200 rooms and suites, spanning 75,000m2.

Ahmed bin Nasser al-Mahrzi, Oman’s Minister of Tourism, who was in attendance at the foundation stone ceremony, said the project is a part of Oman’s strategy to boost tourism in the country.