Worker beats up supervisor over 3-day salary deduction

Worker beats up supervisor over 3-day salary deduction

Dubai: A worker assaulted his supervisor with a log after the latter disallowed his request for a day’s leave after initially considering it and subsequently instructed the company to dock three days’ pay from his salary, a court heard on Wednesday.

The incident occurred in January 2017 when the worker was said to have requested permission from his supervisor to allow him to leave from work for the day and the latter allowed him at first but then asked him to stay on at work.

According to records, the supervisor realised after some time that the worker had absconded from the construction site without permission and reported the matter to the management that the 35-year-old had left work without his consent.

Based on the Indian supervisor’s report, the company’s management deducted three days’ pay from the salary of the Bangladeshi worker, who lost his cool and grabbed a log with which he struck his supervisor three times.

The injured supervisor was rushed to hospital and co-workers intervened to prevent the irate worker from continuing his assault.

Police headed to the construction site in the Business Bay area and apprehended the worker.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of beating his supervisor and causing him a 5 per cent permanent disability.

The suspect did not appear before the Dubai Court of First Instance where he was scheduled to attend Wednesday’s hearing and enter his plea.

Presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi will sentence the suspect in absentia on January 28.

The supervisor told prosecutors that he was at the site when he realised that the suspect had left work without permission.

“The suspect ran away at 12 am. I reported his absence to the management and they decided to deduct a three-day pay from his salary. Two days later, I was present at the work site when the suspect came and assaulted me with a wooden bar. He struck me on my leg, back and arm … then co-workers came and stopped him,” the supervisor testified.

The suspect was cited as admitting to prosecutors that the supervisor at first permitted him to leave work but then changed his mind and he eventually decided to go home.

The worker was quoted as telling prosecutors that he assaulted his supervisor once he learnt that three days had been deducted from his salary based on the latter’s report that he had left work without permission.