Worker tried to rape boy in his bedroom

Worker tried to rape boy in his bedroom

Suspect gave Dh3 to seven-year-old, who resisted him and ran away to avoid being abused

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Dubai: A worker has been accused of attempting to rape a seven-year-old schoolboy at his parents’ new residence.

The schoolboy’s Egyptian father, who is a muezzin [a person who calls for prayer], went to the mosque to call for the Fajr [sunrise] prayer when the 33-year-old Pakistani worker was said to have cornered the boy in his bedroom and tried to rape him in November.

The seven-year-old resisted the worker and rushed out of his bedroom towards his mother.

When the father was informed about what had allegedly happened to his son, according to records, he called the worker and asked him to come over to his place but the latter refused repeatedly.

The father then reported the matter to the police who apprehended the worker. Prosecutors accused the suspect of undressing the seven-year-old at his parent’s house and attempting to have sex with him.

The suspect refuted the allegation when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

The Pakistani argued before the presiding judge that the boy’s father lodged a malicious case against him due to a previous dispute.

The muezzin claimed to prosecutors that he left the suspect and a co-worker at his new residence to do some work and went to the mosque to call for the prayer.

“Later, my son came to the mosque and he had Dh3 with him … he told me that one of the workers had given him the money. I did not pay much attention and later we went home. When my wife was dressing our child, he refused to put on the same clothes that he was wearing earlier … I heard his argument with his mother. Then he told my wife that he did not want to put on the same dress because the worker [suspect] had abused him sexually while wearing them. I heard my boy telling his mum that the suspect tried to remove his clothes and touched him in a bad way. I called the worker and asked him to come over repeatedly but he refused. Then I went to the police and complained,” the father testified to prosecutors.

The seven-year-old was quoted as telling prosecutors that the suspect gave him Dh3 and then tried to remove his clothes and do something indecent to him.

Records showed the suspect was taken into custody shortly after the father’s complaint.

The Pakistani was quoted as admitting to prosecutors that he only kissed the boy four times on his cheeks.

The court will appoint a lawyer to defend the suspect when it reconvenes on April 17.

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