X-rated photos of women taken in British military barracks shared online by soldiers

X-rated photos of women taken in British military barracks shared online by soldiers

Explicit images of women that appear to have been taken in British military barracks are being posted online by soldiers.

First spotted by the Daily Star, the images were apparently posted on an Armed Forces website named ‘Blockrats’ – a military slang term for women who frequent barracks.

The site posted images of women in compromising positions, at varying stages of undress and, at times, wearing parts of military uniform under the heading “Blockrat of the Day.

One image showed a partially-dressed soldier engaged in an act with what appears to be a blow-up sex doll.

A video of troops applauding girls entering a military base is also circulating.

Military chiefs are reportedly furious and fear this could lead to legal action by the women involved.

The scandal recalls recent revelations that a similar group for serving and retired US Marines had posted secretly captured images of female marines naked or partially-undressed.

British Royal Marines are also known to visit the ‘Marines United’ group. The American Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has begun an investigation.

It is feared litigation in Britain could stem from new ‘revenge porn’ laws recently implemented by Parliament.

Responding to the revelations, a statement on the Blockrats website reads: “You have no doubt found this website after it was falsely reported in four mainstream newspapers that British soldiers had been sending in photos of their conquests to this website and I had been posting them up here for us all to look at and have a laugh.

Unfortunately for those newspapers and the mod [Ministry of Defence] that is not true. All images displayed on this website were taken from the public domain,” it claims.

A military source told the Star that “Soldiers have been sneaking women on to Army bases for years and in most cases senior officers will turn a blind eye providing soldiers are sensible.

An MoD spokesman told the Star, “We expect the highest standards of behavior from our people, whether on or off duty.

Anyone found falling short of our values will be dealt with through the disciplinary process.

The images could be a severe blow to the military which, in the face of a serious recruiting crisis, has put sustained effort into attracting women to the ranks.

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