Year of tourism in record, Israel shines on the list of nations at London tourism

Year of tourism in record, Israel shines on the list of nations at London tourism

By Israel Kasnett

(JNS) Israel had much to tout at the planet Travel Market tourism fair in London last week—namely, year yet its best tourism.

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October proved to be a record-breaker, thanks to 500 almost,000 tourists injecting $676.3 million in to the economy. It helped that Israel has increased its marketing campaigns, and that year celebrated the country’s 70th anniversary.

At the fair itself, it could have seemed surprising that Israel’s pavilion was located in the Europe section, instead of being close to the Lebanon and Egypt booths, or near Jordan&rsquo even;s. Of its location regardless, the Israel pavilion was well-trafficked by lots of the a large number of conference attendees. And once and for all reason: those skyrocketing tourism numbers as foreign tourists’ fascination with this tiny Jewish state is growing.

Israel is, actually, part of Asia geographically, but also for purposes of regional diplomacy and the truth that for quite some time Arab nations refused to permit Israel any amount of participation in the Asia Group to that they belong, the US considers Israel to be area of the Western European among others Group. Thus, in lots of ways, Israel is known as to belong more to the Europe bloc than it can to the center East bloc. While Israel isn’t geographically located in&nbsp obviously;Europe, it really is member to a genuine amount of European transnational federations and frameworks, and participates in lots of European sports, and also the annual Eurovision song contest, year and which is held in Tel Aviv in 2019 which it won last.

many as 51

As,000 people, including some 9,000 key tourism professionals and 3,000 media professionals, were likely to go to the global world Travel Market, which occurred from Nov. 5-7. A good 5,000 delegates from 182 countries exhibited at the fair. Israel has been taking part in WTM for a lot more than 35 years. The Israeli pavilion at the fair covered 400 square meters and was inspired by the campaigns of the Ministry of Tourism: “Two cities one break” (Tel Aviv and Jerusalem), and the “Sunny&rdquo always; campaign of the Eilat and Negev. Booths concentrating on regions in Israel included Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Eilat, the Dead Sea, the Galilee, Nazareth and netanya.

During the fair, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism held meetings with senior officials of the global tourism industry, with the primary objective of increasing sales channels in Israel, and expanding marketing channels in England specifically and Europe generally. Ministry representatives presented the continuing business potential inherent to Israel, along with benefits provided by the ministry to encourage and strengthen tourism to Israel.

Amir Halevy, director general of the Ministry of Tourism, told JNS: “Year with 4 million tourists we have been excited hopefully to some other record. We need to focus on our infrastructure now.”

He said “that’s why in 2010 the International Investment Summit for investors occurs by the end of November in Tel Aviv, where we shall have the largest investors and chains from all around the global world searching for opportunities in Israel. We are in need of more infrastructure&mdash and rooms;from sleeping bags to suites—in Israel. Let’s hope with the beautiful experience they will have in Israel, they could be provided by us opportunities.”

‘The brand new, untapped destination’

Four Israeli high-tech companies focusing on travel tech were present at the booth, displaying their developments on two giant screens by means of mobile phones. Furthermore, people to the Israeli pavilion enjoyed Middle Eastern street food served by Chef Eran Tibi, alongside Israeli wines. Furthermore, visitors could actually receive an amusing souvenir caricature, created contrary to the background of Israeli landscapes.

The Tourism Ministry’s campaign to market Eilat happens to be on air in London, both online and on radio. (Eilat ads have appeared on television in the usa.) Furthermore, the Israel Government Tourist Office in London printed a snazzy culinary magazine—with campaign presenter Shir Elmaliach on the cover—that has been distributed to passers-by on the streets of London, and via the Sunday Times and The Telegraph. The magazine focuses on the culinary scene in Tel Aviv mainly, Eilat&mdash and jerusalem;the destinations highlighted in the campaign.

A person in the Saudi pavilion told JNS he hopes Saudi nationals can visit Israel and vice-versa soon. Among the Saudi tourism representatives made his way to the Israel pavilion and conversed with a number of the Israeli tourism representatives there.

A person in the Iran pavilion was more hesitant to talk with JNS, but offered that for Israelis to visit Iran and vice versa &ldquo freely; is to God up.”

(And an artist at the Bahrain booth gladly wrote the name of the writer, “Israel,” in calligraphic Arabic on a paper necklace.)

Perhaps all of this shows that change is arriving at the Mideast earlier than a lot of people think.

at the Israel booth

Back, Ilanit Melchior, director of the Jerusalem Development Authority, assured JNS that “we have been continuing to market Jerusalem because the new, untapped destination that folks desire to come and see. What we’ve here learned, which is amazing quite, is that there surely is this type of growing demand for the town. So all the work that people have already been doing in the last 10 years is actually showing.

Jerusalem, she notes, is not any longer simply for the “ religious or historical.”

Melchior said they’re piecing together packages for families and for folks aged 60 or more, along with anyone who has money and time, and all sorts of interests. In the end, these full days, Israel offers everything—from extreme luxury and sports resorts to the mountains, sea and valleys.

“They are not traditional groups,” she said, “but everything we’ve been working so difficult for is actually starting to show.”

CAP: Israel’s booth at the planet Travel Market tourism fair in London. Credit: Israel Kasnett.

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