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Your new skincare superhero team is here

Image: SK-II

James Corden: you know him as the popular host of “The Late Late Show,” beloved “Carpool Karaoke”-er, affable British comedian. He’s always ready for his next close-up, as long as he gets some practice selfies in first.

But that front-facing camera can be brutal in showing blackheads, breakouts, and more, even for a camera-ready celeb. If only James knew someone with the perfect selfie complexion to give him the secret to great skin. But where would he possibly find —

Right, actress Chloe Grace Moretz would know! She would be the perfect person to ask, especially since she previously accepted global prestige skincare brand SK-II’s #BareSkinProject challenge to front its campaign bare-skinned. Luckily, Chloe always has time to help a friend in need, especially if it’s James Corden and he really, really insists. 

All superhero duos have a great origin story, and that’s how your new skincare superteam came together — and you can watch the hilarious fun in SK-II’s new beauty entertainment web series, “#BareSkinChat.” Chloe Grace Moretz as his new skincare coach, James Corden learns the secrets to great skin in “#BareSkinChat.” And he’s up for anything.

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In Chloe’s bathroom, she and James dive into her skincare secrets in each episode — you know, the usual, like tap dancing, making an ASMR video, and taking facial bubble baths. 

James will do it all just to try out Chloe’s true beauty secret, SK-II’s “PITERA Essence,” the iconic bestseller known as “Miracle Water” in Asia. 

If James was ever unsure about trying SK-II’s “PITERA Essence” for himself, one look at Chloe’s glowing complexion was enough to convince him — or, okay, one touch.

Also starring comedian Naomi Watanabe, called “The Japanese Beyoncé” in her home country, and award-winning Japanese actress Kasumi Arimura, “#BareSkinChat” drops new episodes every week. The first five episodes are live on SK-II’s website, with more to come soon. By the end of the series, will James Corden be the world’s next beauty influencer? With Chloe’s help, he’s on his way.

Check out “#BareSkinChat” to follow James and Chloe on their skincare adventures — after all, besides SK-II’s products, laughter might be the next best thing for your skin’s health. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence contains over 90% PITERA, making it easy to keep your skin crystal clear. Find out more here.