Yucatan elevating its travel beauties in order to new levels


The particular Yucatan is a magical land in which the past becomes the present every day. Using its roots on display at Chichen Itza, Uxmal, or Ek Balam, the particular Mayan culture is a component of the particular Yucatan’ s culture. With exciting gastronomy mixing its heritage associated with Mayan recipes with Creole affects, the culinary exploration of its wealthy history is a fun way to attract your palate and brush on your history knowledge, too.

Fusing many of the ultimately unique aspects of the Yucatan into its marketing efforts has been done with Yucatan. take a trip. Formerly marketed under a. com deal with, the Yucatan government adopted. visit elevate the exposure of its special gems to the end consumer. Knowing that tourists are looking for more specified information, the particular Yucatan government aligned its product sales and branding goals in its brand new website.

After its launch,   www.Yucatan.travel   obtained a 20 percent increase in visitors its website. “ We followed. travel because we know that today, tourists are searching on the web for specific information, ” stated Saul Meters. Ancona Salazar, State Secretary associated with Tourism Promotion. “ With our Yucatan. travel site, we are seeing more and more site visits. ”

With all the goal of promoting, encouraging, plus stimulating tourism to the Yucatan, the particular Yucatan Tourist Board is using. journey in all of its printed and digital publicity.

Come get rid of yourself among the archaeological, marine, plus culinary wonders of the Yucatan. Strategy your visit at  www.Yucatan.travel  .

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