Zaire: France announces plan for Mbanza Kongo tourism

Zaire: France announces plan for Mbanza Kongo tourism

The announcement was made by the French ambassador to Angola, Silvain Itté, during a two-day visit to the region.

Speaking to Angop in Soyo city, the diplomat said that valuing the history of Mbanza Kongo city as a world heritage, requires medium and long term tourism development strategies and policies.

According to the ambassador, tourism entails construction of international standard hotels, restaurants, museums and other concerned infrastructure capable of attracting local and foreign tourists.

Silvain Itté spoke of the need for investment in projects that compete with other countries in African and world and give dignity to the ancient city situated in northern Angola.

He mentioned that Namibia is today an interesting tourist destination for foreigners from around the world.

As the diplomat said, investments should include not only funds from abroad by a number of policies that involve training of personnel and building of necessary infrastructure.

The only way Mbanza Kongo can become a local and foreign tourists attraction site in the days to come was to adjust its infrastructures to present day demands, he said.

Ancient Mbanza Kongo city was listed as Unesco’s world heritage on 8 July 2017, during the meeting of the World Heritage Committee held in Cracow, Poland.