Zimbabwe Youth in Tourism to hold conference in Bulawayo

Zimbabwe Youth in Tourism to hold conference in Bulawayo

The Zimbabwe Youth in Tourism is scheduled to this year’s African Youth in Tourism Conference in Bulawayo  on September 23.

The organisation indicated that the conference will provide a platform for the youths to discuss and proffer solutions on issues affecting the advancement of youths in tourism in Africa.

“The outcomes of the discussions will be used to lobby for policy changes so as to facilitate the mainstreaming of tourism into the education system across Africa; promote Continental Integration and a single destination vision among Youths in Africa as well as harness synergies amongst Youth Associations in Africa. This platform will also provide networking; learning and professional development opportunities for Youths across the Continent. This event will be hosted by Zimbabwe Youth in Tourism,” said the organisation.

“The first day of the conference, 19 September, is the arrival date and delegates are all expected to attend the welcome cocktail which will be held on the first day. The main conference will start on 20 and 21 September and 22 is the day set aside for tours in and around Bulawayo for all local and international delegates. The delegates will depart on 23 September or join us for the world tourism day celebrations to be held in Victoria Falls.”

The organisation said details of the WTD celebrations will be communicated to all registered delegates.

“Running alongside the conference will be an exhibition where youths can showcase their tourism products and initiatives to their counterparts. Delegates are expected to meet their costs of travel and upkeep while in Zimbabwe,” said the oprganisation.