Encore Pilot Group Ratifies WestJet and ALPA Deal

New Halifax to Edinburgh Flight on WestJet
New Halifax to Edinburgh Flight on WestJet

The ratified second collective bargaining agreement between WestJet and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), the certified union representing Encore pilots, signifies a significant milestone.

Diederik Pen, President of WestJet Airlines and Group Chief Operating Officer, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement, emphasizing the invaluable contributions made by the Encore pilots. This agreement not only demonstrates WestJet’s dedication to its Encore pilots but also highlights their crucial role in the growth and operations of the WestJet Group, particularly in providing essential connectivity to regions across Western Canada.

Over the course of 28 years, WestJet has made significant contributions to the Canadian aviation industry. By reducing airfares by 50% and expanding the number of people flying in Canada by over 50%, WestJet has played a crucial role in making air travel more accessible to Canadians. When it first launched in 1996, WestJet had a modest fleet of three aircraft, 250 employees, and served five destinations. However, through continuous growth and development, WestJet now boasts a fleet of over 180 aircraft, employs more than 14,000 individuals, and offers flights to over 100 destinations across 26 countries. This remarkable expansion is a testament to WestJet’s commitment to providing quality service and meeting the evolving needs of travelers.

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