India’s Largest Airline Invests in 30 New Airbus A350 Jets

India’s Largest Airline Orders 30 Airbus A350 Jets
India’s Largest Airline Orders 30 Airbus A350 Jets

India, the global aviation market with the highest growth rate, is poised to experience a surge in international travel due to its expanding economy and increasing household incomes. In lights of the latest market development, IndiGo, the largest airline in India, has announced a definitive purchase of 30 Airbus A350-900 aircraft. This acquisition will facilitate the expansion of IndiGo’s international routes to include long-haul destinations.

For over fifty years, Airbus has been closely linked with India in a mutually beneficial relationship, playing a key role in the expansion of the country’s civil aviation industry. The Airbus A320 Family has been instrumental in making air travel more accessible in India, while the A350 has emerged as the preferred aircraft for Indian carriers looking to tap into the global market. IndiGo, one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines, stands out as one of the biggest customers of the A320 Family.

The A350 stands as the most contemporary and effective wide-body aircraft globally within the 300-410 seater range. Its design starts from scratch, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and aerodynamics that provide unparalleled levels of efficiency and comfort. With its next-generation engines and utilization of lightweight materials, it offers a remarkable 25 percent improvement in fuel consumption, operating expenses, and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions compared to its predecessors and competing aircraft.

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