A Master Artist: From Bogota to Monaco

An emerging Colombian muralist has been given one of the world’s most exclusive canvases to bring to life his work in real-time in Monaco, over the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX™ DE MONACO 2022 weekend.

Vuse, the number one global vape brand, and partner McLaren F1 Team, have today unveiled a mural, created by an artist from Bogotá, Columbia, at one of the most exclusive races in the world, on the Monaco beachfront at the Grimaldi Forum. The mural marks the latest activity as part of the Driven by Change programme, which offers underrepresented creative talent around the globe the opportunity to showcase their passion and work on one of the world’s biggest and most high-profile stages – elite motorsport.

The artist, DAST, is a 38-year-old Colombian muralist who was chosen to create the artwork in Monaco because of his passion for art which has driven his creative pursuits for the past ten years. As a Bogota native, DAST is surrounded by a wealth of inspiration including the diverse geographies and rich heritage of Colombia – something completely opposite to the usual glitz and glamour seen along the Monaco beachfront. These elements inspire DAST to step out of his comfort zone and create murals that explore the relationships between people, places, and spaces.

DAST’s gritty artwork and bold persona have been expertly captured in this live mural, which beautifully juxtaposes with the classical, shiny Monaco cityscape. Chosen for his unique style, embracing geometric shapes, colours, and the relationships that occur in public spaces between buildings, streets and pedestrians to inspire and inform the abstract mural. Featuring DAST’s signature geometric composition, the mural, which DAST painted in real-time, has been inspired by themes of speed, combined with the aerodynamic design of McLaren F1 Team’s car and the vibrant papaya and blue colourway. 

DAST, Freelance Artist, comments: “I have been pursuing a career in art and design for over 10 years and opportunities like this are few and far between. When I first started creating my designs, in my home in Bogotá, I never would have thought that one day I would have the opportunity to live my dream of becoming a full-time artist. Having my work showcased at one of the most exclusive Grand Prix™  races and painting the mural in real-time on a beautiful canvas such as Monaco’s beachfront makes the opportunity even more special!”

“These last six months have been truly life-changing. It is an honour to be one of the creatives involved in Vuse’s Driven by Change initiative and I hope to see more creatives like me, take part in this incredible opportunity showcasing their work, passions and values on the global platform of motorsports.”

Driven by Change premiered in December 2021 at the FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX™ 2021, where McLaren unveiled a one-off livery designed by Arabic artist, Rabab Tantawy,celebrating the first time a female artist from the Middle East had been given this kind of opportunity. This year, Driven by Change officially started at the Miami Grand Prix™ where US photographer, Jonathan Walker, captured content around the streets of Miami and at the circuit. Jonathan worked alongside McLaren’s digital content team, gaining valuable experiences, industry contacts and skills.

John Beasley, Group Head of Brand Building, BAT, comments: “We are really proud of the opportunities the Driven by Change initiative has already provided to emerging creatives such as Rabab Tantawy Jonathan Walker, and now DAST! It is great to see DAST’s raw passion, grit, geometric style and unique vision come to life on a completely juxtaposing canvas such as the Monaco beachfront. Our activity with Driven by Change showcases how Vuse is committed to making the dreams of emerging artists a reality.”

The initiative forms part of Vuse’s ongoing ambition to accelerate creative pursuits of underrepresented creative talent across the globe, working with McLaren to identify opportunities to bring their work to life, helping introduce creatives from diverse backgrounds to the masses. DAST’s artwork will be showcased for one night only, on Saturday 28th at the Grimaldi Forum, ahead of the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX™ DE MONACO 2022 on Sunday 29th of May.

Rabab Tantawy comments: “I could never have imagined the opportunity that Driven by Change offered me. To become the first artist to have an original piece of art racing on track was one of the most incredible things to happen in my career. The opportunity truly changed my life. I am excited to be involved in Driven by Change this year, working alongside Vuse and McLaren to continue to change the lives of underrepresented artists, like myself.”

Launching in August, creatives worldwide will have the opportunity to apply to be selected for future Driven by Change opportunities, including showcasing work at an upcoming Grand Prix™, to once-in-a-lifetime exclusive collaborations with The McLaren F1 Team. Specific opportunities, dates and timings for submission will be announced soon.

To discover more about DAST’s story, visit Vuse and DAST’s social channels. Further information on the Driven by Change initiative and how creatives can get involved in these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities will be shared later in the year.

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