Indian Luxury Hotel Group Leela Loves its Palaces, its Eggs, and Hates Cages


The Leela, a five-star hotel group in India, is committed to 100% cage-free eggs across all of its properties. The company announced its new cage-free egg commitment on its website, stating, “In our endeavor to promote compassionate and environment-friendly food choices, we at The Leela are making the transition to procure cage-free eggs, and we aim to make our entire egg supply chain certified barn-laid or cage-free by 2029.”

Cage-free eggs come from hens that are not kept in battery cages but instead are allowed to roam in open spaces like barns or poultry houses. Cage-free systems are generally considered to be better for animal welfare than battery cage systems

Leela’s commitment encompasses all restaurants within the group’s properties, including some of the fine dining restaurants on the property.

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