Reopening of Botswana’s Exclusive Nxamaseri Island Lodge

Reopening of Botswana’s Exclusive Nxamaseri Island Lodge
Reopening of Botswana’s Exclusive Nxamaseri Island Lodge

Nxamaseri Island Lodge, situated on a private island in the waters of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, is announced its official reopening today! As one of the most well-prominent and upscale lodges in the Delta, Nxamaseri Island Lodge has undergone a comprehensive renovation, which includes the introduction of the first-ever Wellness SPA in the Desert & Delta Safaris portfolio.

The serene and natural spa is located in a peaceful setting above the water of the Nxamaseri channel and nestled among the papyrus beds. To enhance the spa experience, every guest will be invited to enjoy a complimentary “treatment of the month,” further enhancing the level of luxury and relaxation. To add to the sense of a truly special occasion, guests can arrive for their treatments via traditional mokoro (dug-out canoe), ensuring a tranquil start to their wellness and full-body massage session. The local culture will be intricately woven into the ambiance and overall experience.

The spa experience at Nxamaseri Island Lodge is further enhanced by its close proximity to the Tsodilo Hills, a cherished treasure of Botswana. These hills, which stand tall amidst the flat landscape, hold great spiritual importance to the San people of Northern Botswana. Adorned with over 4,000 ancient San paintings, they offer a glimpse into the rich history and fragility of the Tsodilo Hills. Guests at Nxamaseri have the privilege of witnessing firsthand the significance of these hills to the San people.

The lodge itself has undergone revitalization, featuring a spacious and inviting main area that immerses guests in the serene waters of the Okavango. The shade of ancient Jackalberry and African Mangosteen trees adds to the ambiance, creating a true island oasis.

Embracing the local culture is a central theme in the new developments at Nxamaseri Island Lodge. Matthew Johnson, the Managing Director of Desert & Delta Safaris, emphasizes the importance of guests understanding the spiritual significance of the Tsodilo Hills before their visit. To achieve this, the lodge will incorporate various visual aids such as images, books, and paintings. Additionally, the spa will incorporate ingredients still used in the ancient San Culture into their wellness treatments. This ensures that guests not only enjoy a luxurious experience but also gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural heritage of the region.

To incorporate both ancient and contemporary African customs, visitors will have the opportunity to acquire the skill of basket weaving, a practice still employed by local fishermen to ensnare their catch or strain sorghum using grass baskets. In an area devoid of game drives or hectic safari itineraries, Nxamaseri Island Lodge has curated personalized activity schedules and interactive experiences to showcase its unpretentious and hospitable allure. These include fly fishing, sport fishing, boating, and exceptional birdwatching. With the mokoro serving as the primary mode of transportation across the tranquil Delta waters, guests find themselves at eye level with dragonflies, reed frogs, and water lilies, while being within touching distance of the vibrant fish swimming just beneath the surface. Before or after an eventful outdoor excursion, the renovated lodge offers a serene haven with its updated menus featuring fresh local cuisine abundant in herbs and vegetables sourced from the lodge’s garden. Additionally, guests seeking relaxation can now enjoy the swimming pool situated at the edge of the Nxamaseri channel, nestled in a shaded area amidst the papyrus of the Okavango Delta.

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