World Tunnel Congress 2027 Picks Antwerp as Host City

World Tunnel Congress 2027 Picks Antwerp as Host City
World Tunnel Congress 2027 Picks Antwerp as Host City

World Tunnel Congress (WTC) 2027 announced that Antwerp has been chosen as its host city. Scheduled to take place from April 23 to April 29, 2027, this will be the first time the Congress is held in Belgium, showcasing the country’s increasing influence in the global tunnel and underground construction industry. The decision was announced during the World Tunnel Congress 2024 in Shenzhen, China last week.

The Belgian Tunnel Association (ABTUS-BVOTS), in partnership with the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA), will serve as the main organizers of the event, with AIM Group Belgium appointed as the PCO.

The World Tunnel Congress 2027, also known as WTC 2027, will be a gathering of over 2,700 esteemed professionals, researchers, policymakers, and companies from various sectors such as civil engineering, construction, transportation, and infrastructure. This event aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, showcase innovative ideas, and engage in discussions about the future of tunnelling and underground technology.

Tadeja Pivc Coudyser, the CEO of Antwerp Convention Bureau, expressed her excitement about hosting the World Tunnel Congress 2027 in Antwerp. She emphasized that this event not only highlights the strategic significance of our city in the global tunnel and underground construction industry but also demonstrates the effectiveness of our Convention Bureau in attracting international attention to our region.

The Antwerp Convention Bureau is committed to providing continuous support for the event in 2027, ensuring that all opportunities the city has to offer are maximized. According to Pivc Coudyser, the bureau aims to incorporate the vibrancy and cultural richness of Antwerp into every aspect of the congress through its new brand, ‘The City is Your Venue.’ Delegates and organizers can expect a seamless combination of professional engagement and urban hospitality, demonstrating that in Antwerp, the entire city becomes the venue. This congress will serve as a prime example of the bureau’s ability to successfully facilitate major international events, creating a memorable experience for all participants. Arnold Dix, the President of ITA, eagerly anticipates the congress in Antwerp. Belgium’s underground infrastructure is characterized by a blend of historical heritage, modern technology, innovative engineering, and cultural significance. Dix is confident that this event will contribute significantly to the advancement of underground construction worldwide.

Antwerp’s choice emphasizes Belgium’s significant contribution to the tunnel sector, supported by its remarkable infrastructure initiatives and proficiency in tunnel building. The conference will specifically showcase Belgian subterranean ventures like the ongoing Oosterweel project, showcasing the nation’s dedication to advancement and growth in this domain.

Antwerp’s Deputy Mayor Koen Kennis expressed his immense pride in the city’s selection as the host for the World Tunnel Congress in 2027. This prestigious event not only highlights Antwerp’s ability to accommodate large international gatherings but also supports the city’s strategic goal of positioning itself as a top destination for global professional conferences. Given Antwerp’s current infrastructure projects, including some of Europe’s largest roadworks, the timing and location of the World Tunnel Congress are ideal. The congress perfectly aligns with Antwerp’s dedication to advancing industry knowledge and technological innovations across various sectors. Antwerp is excited to showcase itself not only as a host city but also as a collaborative partner in progress and innovation for industries worldwide.

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