World Oceans Day and Decade of ARTivism for Oceans

World Oceans Day is fast approaching, and what better way to mark the special occasion than to take a look at the ten years of incredible work PangeaSeed Foundation has accomplished in the ocean conservation space. In a decade of what they have cleverly coined “a decade of ARTivism for oceans,” the nonprofit organization has not only managed to raise awareness, inspire action, and create tangible change but also foster an impressive international community of artists, art-lovers, and environmental enthusiasts. In elevating the intersection of art and ocean conservation, PangeaSeed Foundation has opened opportunities for collaboration and provided a truly incredible platform.

On June 8th, World Oceans Day, PangeaSeed looks back at the decade of work and forward at the next decade, uniting the art community and ocean conservation community with artworks that span the globe and bring the oceans into the streets. In bringing some of the most respected and sought-after contemporary artists to PangeaSeed Foundation’s mission, the non-profit has removed barriers to entry for both environmentalism and art. They have made both contemporary art and environmental enthusiasm more accessible to greater communities, with beautiful renderings of ocean life and habitats that highlight pressing environmental ocean issues impacting our blue planet.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, PangeaSeed Foundation is pleased to announce the latest fine art print release “Protect our Oceans” for their educational print program, Printed Oceans. Featuring original artwork by ARTivist Dragon76 from Japan, “Protect Our Oceans” is a limited edition focusing on the importance of maintaining the balance of the delicate ocean ecosystem. The prints will be available on World Oceans Day, Wednesday June 8th, at 12pm PST via the PangeaSeed Shop. 

Over ten years of work in the non-profit sector, PangeaSeed Foundation has proven their commitment to genuinely interactive initiatives, valuing education as one of their core ideals. By empowering their audience with actionable knowledge, they have armed generations with critical scientific facts about ocean conservation and arrestingly beautiful art, defining ARTivism.

“Art is a weapon of mass construction that touches our hearts. Leveraging the universal power of art, we inspire the world to protect what we love with the generous support of our global network of ARTivists,” said Tre’ Packard PangeaSeed Foundation Founder and Executive Director.

In the years since their inception, PangeaSeed Foundation has worked with over 1500 international artists, created over 450 murals as part of their Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans public art program, and reached people in 65 different countries. This incredible reach has touched so many. Not only is the proof in the community and the streets, but it’s also in their recently released art book.

Currently available to the public on the PangeaSeed shop, art-lovers, ocean-lovers, and collectors alike will be able to purchase Sea Change: A Decade of ARTivism for Oceans, PangeaSeed Foundation’s limited edition retrospective art book celebrating ten years of ARTivism for oceans. Based on the nonprofit’s programs, Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans and Printed Oceans, the book features over 100 artists spanning from murals and original artworks to underwater photography captured by founder Tré Packard while in the field for PangeaSeed Foundation projects around the world.

PangeaSeed Foundation has proven time and time again that their relationship with artists is invaluable and ever growing, fostering a bond over their ten years of work. This World Oceans Day is no exception, with added value to the community and the environment.

About PangeaSeed Foundation
PangeaSeed Foundation is a globally engaged nonprofit organization acting at the intersection of culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of our oceans. Their mission is to empower individuals and communities to create meaningful environmental change for the oceans by raising public awareness of critical environmental issues through Science, Education, and ARTivism (S.E.A.). Through their groundbreaking Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans public art program, PangeaSeed Foundation has created over 450 educational, ocean advocacy murals in 18 countries, bringing the ocean into streets across the globe.

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