What Fossil Fuel means for Emirates

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Emirates is taking a serious approach to supporting the reduction of fossil fuels in the commercial aviation industry. The airline is investing $200 million in this project.

The University of Cambridge’s Whittle Laboratory and the Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) co-le the AIA initiative. It is an international group of multidisciplinary experts developing evidence-based systems, modeling capability, visualizations, and specialized tools to support policymakers, the aviation industry, and the wider public with the insights necessary to map, understand, and accelerate pathways toward sustainable aviation.

Emirates is joining Boeing, Rolls-Royce, The Royal Air Force, IATA, 4Air, and Flexjet as industrial partners. The AIA’s modeling capability is a collaboration between the Bennett Innovation Lab (a new innovation laboratory set up as part of the New Whittle Laboratory) and CISL, which is looking for ways to accelerate net zero aviation.

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