Hainan to host 160+ events to celebrate China’s Cultural and Natural Heritage Day

With the upcoming Cultural and Natural Heritage Day taking place on June 11, the southernmost province of China, Hainan, is now hosting and organizing various forms of intangible cultural heritage activities to celebrate, exhibit, and promote the splendid traditional cultures in three venues set up in Haikou, Sanya, and Danzhou, according to Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province.

On June 7, the Hainan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Fine Arts Exhibition commenced at the Hainan Provincial Museum, covering a wide variety of categories of art such as Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, watercolour painting, wood carving, coconut carving, paper cutting and cotton weaving. A total of 106 works of art embodied the charming intangible cultural heritage and received the appreciation of the audience.

The 2022 Hainan Intangible Heritage Shopping Festival is scheduled to be held in Haikou on June 11. Visitors can not only enjoy shopping for exquisite handicrafts at the intangible cultural heritage fair but also attend festival activities online through Hainan Intangible Cultural Heritage’s TikTok and Little Red Book accounts and on the following website: https://www.hainanfp.com/.

As a world-renowned coastal tourist city, Sanya integrates fashion into intangible heritage at its venue. About 100 craftsmen demonstrate Li Brocade skills and performers present fashion shows featuring Li Brocade costumes on site. Themed performances of intangible heritage are also staged one after another, immersing the audience in the charm of the artistic integration between intangible heritage and modern life.

Danzhou highlights the distinctive features of local intangible heritage with themed celebrations where cities and counties from western Hainan bring their intangible heritage performances to the stage. Residents and tourists alike celebrate at the music carnival together with Danzhou Folk Songs, Danzhou Military Songs, Danzhou Miao Nationality Folk Songs, and Danzhou Cantonese Folk Songs.

Hainan now has 32 representative projects of national intangible heritage, 82 representative projects of provincial intangible heritage, and over 300 representative projects of city-level and county-level intangible heritage. During 2022 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, Hainan will host more than 160 online and offline publicity events to raise awareness of the need to protect intangible cultural heritage.

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