Introducing the Grand Opening of Hotel Central by Lek Hang Group

Grand Hotel HKG

Nestled in the heart of Macau, the iconic Hotel Central by Lek Hang Group triumphantly opens its doors following a remarkable transformation fueled by an investment exceeding HKD 2 billion. This historic establishment, steeped in over a century of heritage, is a testament to the Group’s unwavering dedication to revitalizing the city’s cultural landscape.

Embarking on a journey that spanned over a decade, Hotel Central unveiled its soft opening on April 30th, marking a significant milestone for the Group and the bustling streets of Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro. The hotel’s strategic location, adjacent to the revered Ruins of St. Paul’s and The Senado Square, ensures guests are immersed in Macau’s rich history from the moment they arrive.

Under the expert guidance of Marketing Director Mr. James Wong, Hotel Central stands poised to deliver a seamless guest experience, meticulously crafted through extensive training and preparation. With a vision to breathe new life into the old city area, the soft opening coincides with the vibrant May Day holiday, promising an unparalleled fusion of tradition and modernity.

Stepping into Hotel Central, guests are greeted by 114 thoughtfully designed rooms, ranging from the elegant Superior Room to the luxurious Supreme Room featuring a balcony. Renowned designer Cheng Chung has intricately woven local elements into the hotel’s interior, creating a tapestry that celebrates Macau’s unique essence. Chairman Mr. Simon Sio’s personal touch is evident in the selection of vintage artifacts adorning the hotel, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the city’s rich tapestry of history and culture.

On the fourth floor awaits “Palace,” a refined dining experience that pays homage to Nostalgic Western dishes, redefining culinary traditions with each meticulously crafted dish. From breakfast to afternoon tea, Palace promises a gastronomic journey through time, blending historical narratives with contemporary flair.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Hotel Central presents the “Glory returns for 100 years” soft opening package, inviting guests to indulge in a two-night stay starting from MOP 788 per room per night. This exclusive offer includes a complimentary breakfast for two at Palace and unrestricted access to the mini-bar, ensuring a truly luxurious experience.

About Lek Hang Group Founded in 1991, Lek Hang Group has emerged as a cornerstone of Macau’s dynamic business landscape, guided by the principles of diligence and focus. With a diverse portfolio spanning real estate, hospitality, dining, and more, the Group remains steadfast in its commitment to community development and sustainable business practices. Through initiatives like the revitalization of old districts and active community engagement, Lek Hang Group continues to shape the future of Macau with a blend of tradition and innovation.

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